Are any of you Hardcore Hunters?What are your favorite tools for dissecting lg game?

I love to hunt far off the beaten path, and usually only carry two knives ,two identical folding hunters with 3.5" blades ,one as a primary and one as a spare. (Bet you'll never guess which knives they are !) I use to carry an axe or saw in addition to a knife ,but now do EVERYTHING with one knife. By everything I mean, field dress, skin, quarter, disjoint, bone out, and if need be cape out the head should it be neccessary. Meat care in the field is tough work , packing it out is even tougher , but the reward is well worth the effort. I'd be interested in sharing what I've learned ,and hearing from other hunters regarding thier methods afield.

Hey Tim,

I took two hogs last year with a Chuck Stapel Custom knife. We discussed it here at BF last fall. Are there people on this forum who use weapons besides knives to hunt??


Its nice to see the King of Kydex on the forums!

The most serious hunter i have ever met, Wallace Fennell uses a little Camillus 2 blade folder with 2" blades (clip and skinner) to field dress everything he harvests. Thats a lot of gane too.

I prefer a 4" belt knife like the Spyderco Moran or Cold steel Master hunter.
I have also noted that as hunters get older and wiser, the size of their knife shrinks.

Maybe by the time I am your age, I will be using folders!


(packing custom Colt in BTI holster as this is typed)


Anthony P. Lombardo
-will destroy knives for
The Uluchet is worth looking at as a mutiple use tool for field dressing, quartering and skinning. The site is
I've used my medium Model 4 drop point for years but last deer season i cut and cleaned 2 deer with the Kodi-Pak from Outdoor Edge.
The T handle saw was a great tool. The gut hook skinner worked well.
Hope to go back to Canada on another bear hunt this year and will sample several new knives.
May even try one of those Wegner prototypes <G>.
I was actually going to guess that you carried 2 Buck 110s.
But that name 'Wegner' kept sounding real familiar.
Then it hit me. I assume you don't carry 2 Bucks.

I use an Ithaca Track and a Buck Trapper.
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Tim -- unfortunately I haven't hunted anything in my life.

I wrote here just to say "WELCOME,aborad!"
King Kydex!
Glad to have you here Tim, these folks have lots 'o kydex questions to ask you. Now on to yours...
I have a different situation than you Tim, we skin and 'process' most of our deer at the hunting camp. This coupled with Dad and I both being in the biz, we use and test alot of different knives. We also harvest alot of deer here in SC. I naturally used a GENESIS alot last fall . I also used a Spydie MORAN and a CS MASTER HUNTER a great deal, both worked great. I wish the CS wasn't quite as big as it is, maybe 2/3rds size. During the '97 season I used a WEGNER clipit a good deal, and a AFCK, while thinking about the GENESIS concept. BTW, your design really performs , obivously very well thought out. Since we are back at camp and not restrained by what we can carry, we use a meat saw and Kukri[Fav. is the CS Gurhka] to speed things up sometimes.
My grandfather was a surgeon, and from him I learned knife care and sharpening. He also taught me alot about anatomy while skinning deer. He taught me to disjoint deer bones just like opening a lock with a key. He really taught me to maximize all the meat from a deer, down to what to feed the dogs after we got all we could possibly use.

My father[that Anthony is talking about above], is always interested how fast we can take care of the deer. He will use any tool at hand, and when he and I are working together, we can move through one pretty quick. Granddad used to say the difference was, he he could put them back together if he wanted.

I've used almost every blade shape you can think of, and know SOMEBODY that prefers almost all of them, but my favorite is 3-4' drop pt., and if I had my pick, I'd take flat ground. Folder or fixed blade, doesn't really matter. I usually have a folder with me, so thats usually what I use.

Once again, glad to have you around Tim, hope you come back often. BTW, I love my holster buddy, really looking forward to the sheath.

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
President-EDI Knives
I'd have to go with my Dozier Yukon Pro Skinner... stays sharp through several deer.

After 5 elks and 2 deers without sharpening, I am sold on the Mad Dog Mirage X hunter. Before that, a Buck Zipper and a Boyd Basic 3.
This place is GREAT! It is actually populated by the presidents, CEO's, or whatever, of some of the best products on the planet!


ps- King Kydex, I LOVE your UCH for the K9!
Last year I used a B-J TrailGuide worked very well from small game to my buddies deer. Beofre that for several yrs. I used the CS Master Hunter(a 2nd) bought dirt cheap. Great knife without the leather sheath. I hunt exclusively with a longbow so scent control is paramount to me. Starting to reconsider that a bit as I did just fine with the TG in a leather sheath. For years before the MH and TG used a Buck 110 with great success. keep'em sharp.
PS just got into muzzleloading the past month or so. another addiction. Have to get period items now to go with my HAWKEN .50
Thinking of double edge forge for the period cutlery. By Garr....
I am curious if anyone has tried a swept-point Pioneer from REKAT. It looks to me like it would be a good choice, though I am no expert.

The F1 from Fallkniven also looks like a decent choice, though it may be a little pointy.



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Sorry, in my last post, I forgot to put anything about what I actually use in the field.

Most (OK, all) of my hunting so far has been small game. The knife I have used primarily for that is the Buck Duke. I favor drop point blades. Everytime I go out in the field now, though (which is just for backpacking and camping, unfortunately), I carry a Buck Vanguard and/or a Buck Ranger (model 110), and a Victorinox Climber. My next trip will probably have me carrying a BM 710 instead of the Ranger. Or maybe the Buck Master Folding Hunter.

Does it show that I favor the older style of knives when I go outdoors?

I have used a variety of knives in the field for cleaning both large and small game. I have a Gerber A400, A Buck Skinner, a Large Case, a small Case, a Gerber Gator and a small Kabar.

The one I like the most is the Gerber A400. Its has stayed sharp through 5 deer and recently just needed to be resharpened. The Gerber Gator has disapointed me though. I had to resharpen it after one deer and am looking to sell it to buy a Spyderco Wegner.

I just bought a custom fixed blade by a guy named Mike Kinker out of indiana and am looking forward to trying that out this deer season. I also want to pick up a Dozier Slim outdoorsman and a Custom Damascus.

J. Koch
Hi all, I use a Dozier skinner, one of his older models. I also have a Buck zipper with me to cut from the chest to the pelvis.
I am humbled and honored by the your responses to my post. I am certainly in the company of a great bunch of guys (and gals),I will do my best to keep in touch with all of you on a regular basis. Its pretty tough sqeezing in time to get on line at the shop, as its a three ring circus and I'm the head clown. On top of that I dont have a computer set up at home as of yet. When I do, my wife Linda will probably shoot me since we don't see enough of each other as it is. I am in the process of making it up to her for all of the recent hunting trips I've taken , and will be OOC (out of country) as of 3/11 for about two weeks for a much needed R&R session. Just in case your wondering who Cutter Dog is ,he's our 14 month old 95lb Rhodesian Ridgeback, who thinks he's human. ( No one has told him otherwise.) He has a great personality ,and has been my constant companion since he was 8wks old. At Christmas time this past year he saved me from having to take action against some cranked out goofball, who was threatening to waste my yuppie rear end. (It was 20 degrees & the guy was wearing a tank top. GO FIGURE!). In my book Cutter has definitely earned his keep! On top of all that he loves to chase coyote, even points birds and loves to swim .We nicknamed him the African water spaniel this past summer when he tried to retrieve a flock of Canadian geese out on Puget Sound. Well playtimes over, I gotta go back to work . Thats all for now ! Your fellow Knife Nut

I have used a Case Skinner, Kiowa on elk for many years, 9 so far! love this knife and its to bad that its not made any more. as this is a thin blade I use a Wyoming saw for heavy work, I wouldn't elk hunt with out one of these either!
After working my way through college doing custom meat and game processing, I'm suprised no one but me uses the tools professional meat processors use. I carry a Victorinox lamb skinner and six inch boning knife (inexpensive, very light w/blades designed for dressing and boning animals, domestic or wild). I have used folders for this purpose but would rather clean a fixed blade knife. I find that a little knowledge of "ungulate anatomy" goes along way in knowing where to cut an animal and usually prevents the need for an ax, hatchet, or saw (never saw an ax used in a processing plant). I carry a six inch fixed blade for regular camp chores and survival purposes (Randall #25-6, or my Mad Dog Arizona Hunter, when it comes). Are there any other meat cutters out there, and what do you carry to process your game?
I spent a couple of years slaughtering, skinning and cutting, I used the knowledge from that experience in designing the Uluchet, it's different from "normal" knives but is very functional for skinning, field dressing, splitting/quartering and also useful about the camp. The Uluchet is also light weight, compact and easy to use. I have to agree with you about the anatomy being a very good thing to understand, the lack of knowledge has hundreds of knives sacrificed to the ROCK GOD (using a rock to beat a knife through the pelvis) every year.
YES, it is sharp, just keep your fingers out of the way!