Are Knife People Tattoo People too?

Dec 12, 1998
Well, we've already discussed whether or not knife people were dog people, motorcycle people, gun people, yada yada for a new question: Are knife people tattoo people too? I just got back from holiday in California with my cousin and her hubby and I got my first tattoo from "Zebra" on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley, CA and I LOVE it! It's a wolf howling at the moon and I got it on the 11th birthday of my most beloved fur child Alaskan Malamute. It pays tribute to my Mal and also to one of my favorite Blues artists Howlin' Wolf.So, do ya'll have tattoos? If so, where, where'd ya get it, and what is it of? Oh yeah, and to keep it on topic, let's hear your thoughts about whether Knife people are Tattoo people...I know I will be! =)Sage

I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.

I love knives, tatoos, dirtbikes, computers, 4X4 trucks, and used to have six piercings as well. I have 2 tribal tatoos, one on my big toe and one on my right arm. I also have a big set of "ripps" as if I had been clawed on my right side on my rib cage to cover scars from a "biff" on my dirtbike. Oh yeah, me and my 2 buddies had a copyright date put on our right collar bone.