Are Knife People Tattoo People too?

Dec 12, 1998
Well, we've already discussed whether or not knife people were dog people, motorcycle people, gun people, yada yada for a new question: Are knife people tattoo people too? I just got back from holiday in California with my cousin and her hubby and I got my first tattoo from "Zebra" on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley, CA and I LOVE it! It's a wolf howling at the moon and I got it on the 11th birthday of my most beloved fur child Alaskan Malamute. It pays tribute to my Mal and also to one of my favorite Blues artists Howlin' Wolf.

So, do ya'll have tattoos? If so, where, where'd ya get it, and what is it of?

Oh yeah, and to keep it on topic, let's hear your thoughts about whether Knife people are Tattoo people...I know I will be! =)

I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.

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I have lots of tattoos. My calves both have huge ones and I my right forearm is sleeved. Maybe I should get a knife tattooed over my heart? Maybe......
Hello, interesting topic!! I´ve a tribal tattoo and inside it there is the biohazardsymbol nesting, it covers my shoulder/upperarm/collarbone area(?) They say if you get a burn you can measure the degree of burns by using your palm as a measurement of 10%, so i guess that mine is something like 20-25%.
Have a nice New Years eve!! (i will!!)
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I have a tribal piece on my shoulder. By the way, Chester Burnett(Howling Wolf) was an awesome blues man. Some day, I'll be able to play harp as good as The Wolf(I hope!). :)

well i guess i can join this club also
one on each arm from biscep to shoulder
each started as something small and just continued to grow i keep adding on to them.
next one is going to be a pic of my girl over my heart

I can almost read it already, next thead goes something like this


are knife,dog,biker,tattoo,cross-dresser
,people piercing people too(yes)
stay tuned to find out!!!
and no i'm not a cross dresser

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I have a Rocky Mountain Grey wolf on my rightarm from elbow to shoulder. He is perched on a rocky ledge with a mountain scene in the back ground. I think it is rather appropriate given my close proximity to Yellowstone.
Oh yeah by the way my d**k is pierced too but I felt it was off topic.
I knew a man who belonged to something like Force Recon before they had a Force Recon but after they disbanded the Raiders.
In those days the folks who belonged to that organization had little blue wings tattooed on their heels.
This man I have told you about wore shoes and socks onto the sands of Waikiki beach, supposedly in order to hide his blue wings.
But then, that man and his friend shared a strange sense of humor and may have told me this for their own amusement.
I, myself, have no external tattoos.

tatoos for those of us who choose to get them, can be the ultimate possesion. once you pay and get one you can't break it, loan it out or (in most instances)lose it.

tatoos are symbols that can have very personal meanings and/or represent a time in one's life.

tatoos are certainly not for everyone, but if you get one it becomes a "badge" to enjoy for whatever reason.

i personally have 6. 1st one i got at 18 and another one every few years. 2 on each arm and 2 on my chest. i was surprised one day to hear that one of my tatoos was featured in "OUTLAW BIKER TATOO" magazine. pretty funny to see my arm in that magazine!

here's what i have:
-atom symbol with an avil in the middle
-symbol from mythology
-another symbol from mythology

i love'm all. i got them 'cause i wanted 'm, i got them for the fun of it.

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I have one tattoo, and no piercings. I plan on having more tattoos when I have time/funds, but my lil' lizard on my bicep is enough for now.

For those of you who are curious about getting a tattoo, it really doesn't hurt (depending on where it's done), and actually feels kind of good in some weird way....

BTW, I'm back from vacation!


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I don't have any tatoos, at least partially because I have worked for Dept. of Corrections for 15 years, when I first started, I was very suspicious of folk with tatoos, because the only people with tatoos that I knew were dirtbags. This is no longer true, but I still find my awareness increasing when I see someone with a tatoo.

i have two,one on each arm.the one on the right arm is a skeleton wearing a trench coat and top hat holding an umbrella standing on a macobb mountain with a mystic space backround, and on the left arm is a japanese symbol meaning honor. both tattoo's were done at studio enigma.

I have 10 tat's from childhood. Various artists from N.H.,R.I. and Calif that one was done by Lyle Tuttle back in the late 60's.Had a buzzard on upper arm that I just got covered up with a mountain scene with japanese birds. $300 "whew" paid $10 for the original like knives Tat's are expensive now.
Lots o' knives - no Tattoos, but they have not asked me to do an commercial yet either.
The plane! The Plane!

Oh wait...wrong tattoo.