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Are MOD folders as good as Microtech???

Mar 19, 1999
Hello folks, today i seen a good ad on Masters of Defense knives, they look as if they were made by microtech, but were they, are they as good in terms of quality.
I have owned both brands and the MT is superior quality. The finish on the liner lock is better and the anodizing seems of better quality. Otherwise the parts (screws and pivots ) all seem to be of similar quality. MT also puts out a more consistant product in that I have never heard of one flawed out of the box but I have heard of MOD's with bad locks and uneven grinds.

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I've been told that several ex-Microtech folks are behind MoD. Makes sense, since Microtech became "corporate" a few years back... funny for a company that began relatively recently with Mr. Marfione making autos in his kitchen.

I've heard quite a few MoD horror stories though. Recently at a store I asked why they had no Tridents in stock, since it's my favorite design-wise. The clerk, who I know to be a certified knife-knut, said it was because their distributor hadn't gotten any with an acceptable lockup! I've heard of MTs failing, but only rarely. Guess a thick lock leaf doesn't mean much if the angle's not right


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