Arkansas Toothpicks

Oct 6, 1998
Could somebody tell me, what are Arkansas Toothpicks? I've seen people talk about them (somebody said that they were illegal somewhere), but I don't have any idea, what kind of knives are they. Any pictures? What are these knives used for and what's the "story behind them"?
Terve Jani!

I think the original Arkansas Toothpick is a very large double-edged dagger with a "toothpick-like" tip. See, e.g., the URL below and scroll a bit down:

Bob Dozier has made a much smaller self-defense knife which he calls the Dozier Arkansas Toothpick:

Not knowing where Bob comes from, don't know if Arkansas is shrinking or something.

I, too, wait eagerly information about the history etc. of the original Arkansas Toothpick.


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To the best of my knowledge, an Arkansas Toothpick is a very large double-edged knife with a blade length of around 12", with no belly on both edges. Randall Made Knives makes one. They probably have a picture at their website(