ATS34 Leatherman blades

Oct 4, 1998
My father has an original Leatherman tool he uses *all the time* which is great except I`m forever having to sharpen the knife blade. It seems to hold an edge about as well as a stick of butter. Since they`re easy to disassemble I`ve been thinking of having a replacement blade made for it in ATS34 or even BG42. Any thoughts on this idea or suggestions on who I might talk to about doing the work would be greatly appreciated. Marcus
Interesting thought. Seems to me you need a combo knifemaker/machinist; not all knifemakers are machinists, as I understand it. I know Harald Moeller's original background was such, you could see if he's interested. Alan Folts might be able to pull it off too, he's a regular around here.

As a one-off project I can't see any legal probs but if a maker is going to crank these out (and I see a HUGE market) he'd probably need permission. Leatherman would be crazy to turn him down, look what aftermarket soup-up parts availability did to Harley-Davidson!

Jim March
I think it's a great idea. There is an article at that explains how one person did it.