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Attenion ALL MEMBERS! Leatherman Micra for only $6.48!

Oct 2, 1998
This is such a good deal (Below Distributor cost) that we thought we would bring it to your attention.

You heard right! To get it simply visit


When you get there follow the instructions. The when you get to the BuyItOnline web site simply go to Sports and Recreation. Once there go to Outdoor World of California and you will see the Micra is $26.48. Then select order and you will get an instant $20 rebate!

Cool huh?

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

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Thanks Mike! I just lost my Micra a couple of days ago and was thinking about getting another.
Hiya Mike!
Thanks for the tip!!!!
I just ordered one for Missus Fire. She said thanks, too.
Now, let me know when you find a link that offers a $300 coupon for a Sebenza so I can afford to get one for her and I can get MINE back.

I read your instructions, and I think you might've missed an item.... I figured I'd post what I had to do, just cuz I have a lot of time on my hands.

1. Follow the link that Mike posted, http://www.buyitonline.com/affiliates/women/offer1.html

2. Click on the thingamabob that says: "Click here to activate your coupon"

3. Click the "Continue Shopping" button.

4. Click on "Sports & Recreation"

5. Click on "Outdoor World of California".

6. Click on "Hunting"

7. Click on "Multi-Purpose Pocket Tools"

8. Click on "Buy Now" at the "
Leatherman Micra Tool" prompt.

9. Fill out the form and laugh in a knowing manner.

That's it.
Thanks again, Mike!!!

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?
The true thanks needs to go to whoever posted this message on Rec.Knives today. I saw it, and was like "This is too good to be true?!?!", and forwarded it to Mike. Fortunately, he remembered to forward it to you guys, so hurry up and take advantage of this deal!


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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hee hee, and now since i have multiple emails and credit cards with different addresses...i guess i can post some of these babies on the bladeforum auction for free in september... free money!?? i guess i just have to buy more knives

Dances with lemmings

Thanks for the heads up. I've always wanted one of those little buggers and now I've got one at a price I'm willing to pay.

I took the plunge and burst the link to my friends. Good catch by someone.

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

The site records your static IP so you would need to order one from each computer you have access to not each email account. Good thought though! So if anyone is in school and has access to many different computers go for it!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Oh yeah, I am all over that multiple IP addresses issue. But I got a really nice camp chair for 15 bucks (down from 35) for my wife.. that is legit as we are not the same customer!
thanks, Mike

Great deal.

BTW, is rec.knives still active? I haven't gone there in a long time.