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attention all left handers!


Feb 18, 1999
attention all lefty's! I posted a request a few weeks back looking for help in finding a dealer who could get me a left handed Benchmade stryker. A few of you replied back with some suggestions and told me if I find a dealer who stocks left handed knives to let you know. Well I have found a dealer who has a policy posted on his web page that he is committed to stocking left hand versions of his vendors products where available. He has the left hand versions offered by Benchmade in stock. Left hand versions of the Large and Small Sebenza are on order. The site is http://www.arrow-dynamics.com/ I have already purchased a left handed Benchmade stryker, the service was unbelievable! When I recieved the package there was a hand written note addressed to me thanking for my business! There was also a note attached to the knife, again addressed to me personally, telling me that the knife had been inspected for defects before shipping! Doing business with this guy was a pleasure, He even answered his emails promptly and politely. (not like other knife dealers I have found on the net!)
You're talking about Cecil, right?
Yep, he's one kinda guy, I'll tell you that much..

Glad to see yet another satisfied customer of Arrow Dynamics. With the way he handles things, I wouldn't be surprised to find him way up there with the best in a short span of time.

I'm a lefty myself, and even if we haven't closed down a sale yet (we're finding alternatives for a lefty version of a knife I wanted but which he doesn't have yet), he has already given me extensive help on email and just showed me how he'll go out of his way, above and beyond the call of duty, to help his customers or would-be customers out!

I'm now finalizing some stuffs here on my end, so that I can already buy from him. I'm sure I won't be disappointed.