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>>>-- Attention All Members - VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE! --<<<

Oct 2, 1998
To celebrate our 100,000th post and 50,000,000th hit we are extending an incredible offer to all members and dealers. For the entire month of September you may post any item you wish on our auction absolutely FREE!
No listing fee, no final value fee, no limits on the number of items you can list, nothing at all!

So whether you have something to sell or you are looking for a deal, our auction site will be the place to go!

So go look around your house or your store for that item you want to sell!

Also don't forget we have a miscellaneous section where you can sell anything you want!
Scuba gear, computers, waching machine, flashlights, whatever.

<a href="http://www.wow-direct.com/auctions/">Click Here</a>

VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR SELLERS: All auctions must start on or after the first and end on or before the 30th. Auctions which start before the 30th but end after the 30th will only get a FREE listing fee. You will still be responsible for the final value fee if your auction ends after the 30th. To prevent this, make sure you set the appropriate number of days and pay close attention to the time as well.

Remember it starts September 1st and ends September 30th.

We hope this makes you

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Thanks, Mike. I might stop procrastinateing and clean out the file drawers.



"Cet animal est tres mechant;quand on l'attaque il se defend."("This animal is very mischievous: when it is attacked it defends itself")
Great offer Mike! This seems to just the push the auctions need right now!!!

Too bad I have nothing I vant to sell

I look forvard to seeing lots of cool stuff up for bid!

I need a bigger bucket.