axis questions

Feb 10, 1999
I just got my first quality knife, a BM-710BT, largely due to raves on this board about the new Axis lock. I have to say I'm very pleased so far. I do have a couple of questions, though. I can snap the blade open with just a strong flick of the wrist. Is this bad for the knife long term? It seems like the axis lock is built so solidly that it shouldn't really wear down but I really don't want to get any blade wobble. Also, can G10 shatter if dropped on a hard surface? I seem to remember it contains glass. Thanks.
hello ski34 - i don't think that G-10 would "shatter" even if you threw to the ground fairly hard. it's pretty strong stuff and can take a lot of abuse.
as far as the snapping open of the 710 blade - i'm not too sure. it seems like an axis lock would last longer than the typical liner lock, and take more abuse. you might want to post this question at the benchmade forum and see what they tell you. anyone else have any comments? i would be interested in knowing if the axis lock could handle snapping open better than a liner lock. my first impulse is to say "of course", but i'm not sure about the technical aspects. anyone?

Flicking open a folder can and does cause more wear and tear on a knife. Linerlocks are more suseptable to damage from flicking them open because of the tight tolerances need for the lock to function. Impacting the stop pin can change these tolerances to the point that a linerlock will not function properly. Lockbacks seem a bit more immune to the affect to being snapped open, my SOG Autoclip has been snapped open thousands of times in its lifespan, but now does exhibit some vertical play, but it is a pretty abused knife, and though I cannot say wether or not flicking it open caused this wear, I am pretty sue it did p[lay at least a small part. I also have a Vaquero Grand that I have snapped open quite a bit, and it has not yet shown any detrimental effects. I have only had one LinerLock, and it was junk, but I did notice a slow but notable migration of the liner across the tang of the blade, most likely from me flicking it. I have no experience with the Axis lock, but from what I hear it does sound like a quality knife. My guess would be, that since the Axis lock doesn't rely as much on tight tolerances as the linerlock, it wouldn't be as detrimental to it as it would be to a liner lock. But since it does use a stop pin, it would be a good idea to keep an eye on the migration of the release and the screws that hold the stop pin...



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