B10LE Choilless new price $ 425

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Sep 29, 2014
Letting go of some more Busse knifes.
all prices are whit paypal fees and insured world wide shipping,
it's buyers responsabilaty to know local laws and regulations.
all prices are not set in stone

From top to bottom on pictures:

1. Busse TGP bruiser $375. SOLD
2. Busse TGBG whit Mark Condor Leather sheet $375 SOLD
3. Busse TGM bruiser whit a BB kydex sheet in thypoon camo $475 SOLD
4. Bussee B10 LE Choil less whit mashed cat kydex sheet $475 new price $ 425
5. Busse Urban grudge BG bruiser, $200 SOLD
6. Busse Baby boom BG bruiser $150 new price $125
7. Sykco 311 tan whit BB kydex in tan cf look $150 SOLD
bbb11.jpg bbb10.jpg bb2.jpg bb17.jpg bbb2.jpg bbb8.jpg bbb5.jpg bbb6.jpg bbb9.jpg bb5.jpg
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