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Bali Song Fans, It's here


Musical Director
Mar 22, 1999
No, not Benchmade's new Production Line. Sorry.

No, "it" is the bud of my new web site. I've been threatening and I've been promising, and now I've put a couple of things up.

I'm still working to learn the techniques to pull all of this together, but I've got something up anyway.

My goal is not to offer basic instruction. We have two sites now doing that. My goal is to exchange tricks with my friends online.

With just the right "english" I can make it pop out and then execute closing and end up with an open blade. It's easier with the file. The file is heavier and has more momentum.

I'll have to make an .avi file of that too.


Hehehe.. Chuck, you've been playing with too many balisongs lately, that even your PST isn't safe anymore.. lol..

Nice handling! But I think you need to break it loose first before it can perform that way. Mine's still too tight, since I barely use it.

Goto bed Danny. Oh yeah you're in the Phillipines. Good point on the LM.


Did you loosen the bolts with pliers or did you just work your LM until it loosened up?

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

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Right, David.. Only, I'll take your advice in around 10 hours or so from now.. lol..

Very nice. I have heard of others using their Leatherman Wave like a bali-song. Mine is too tight. Also it's owner is not trained very well in this art. Any places on the web for instruction?

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?

Most PSTs are to tight for the really fancy stuff, but I specifically select mine at the store for loose joints. Mr. George at George and Son Cutlery likes this because most of his customers want tight joints. After that, I add a few drops of TettraGun Teflon oil, it takes a few minutes to work the oil into the joints, and off they go. Fastest pliers in the west.

BTW, I have now looked at about fifty Waves, twenty of them yesterday, and not one has been even close to suitable for my special use style. The Wave is rather chunky too. So, I suspect I'll never have a Wave. I'm unlikely to move away from the PST, though, because I have it all memorized so that I can always stop in the correct position to unfold the bit I want and then continue my manipulation and end up with the tool closed, with the bit I want ready, and in the grip I want.

The big trick which I had to develope is how to break the joints open after you lock 'em up, i.e. how to get the tool moving again after you've unfolded it all the way.

As the old saying goes, "it's all in the wrist." Fortunately, I have strong wrists.

Bali Song manipulation is very easy. A good knive moves easily with little effort. It's a momentum thing. I always say, steel turns to liquid and just flows through your hands. Leatherman manipulation is a different matter. It's all force and muscle.

I should clarify about making the blade jump out. I don't do this very much because I can't get the blade to jump all the way out, only partially. Then, as you bring the handles closed, the partially open blade will hit on the opposite handle. That's not good for the blade. Also, all of the other tools around the blade come out too, so the trick isn't perfect. Hence my interrest in The Wave.

The Wave's other problem is that I can't find a way to "index" the tool, to tell by feel how I'm holding it in my hand. On the PST, I feel for the lanyard attachment.

Now, I've got to get to work and get some Bali Song stuff up there.

If you'd like to learn Bali Song manipulation, on which I base my Leatherman manipulation, there are two excellent sites:
http://globe.com.ph/~palacio/balisong_online.html has nice Acrobat files full of pictures and good textual instruction.
http://www.balisongxtreme.com/ has jpeg and avi files.

Both, together, make an excellent starting place. This is why I have no intention of trying to make my site a complete Bali Song how-to source. I just want to exchange tricks with my friends.

Now, the next question I hope some of you are asking is: "How can I get involved?" Well, the camera I used to make that .avi file cost $39 at Fry's (Your Best Buys Are Always At Frys). It came with the software and everything. There's even a microphone in the box for video conferencing. I have no idea how they can put all of that stuff in a box, package it up, deliver it to your store, and sell it retail for $39 and still make money.

Clay used a somewhat similar inexpensive camera to make the .avi files on his site. So, hopefully, all of you will now run out to your computer stores and buy yourself a little camera, and let's get those knives moving!

What? You say you have no website to put your file on? E-mail it to me and I'll put it on mine.


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Thank you
Great information, I will be spending some time learning these techniques. My bali-song has been in the drawer for about a year. Time to start practicing.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?