BALISONG ! Butterfly ! and news from Fre PErrin

Oct 16, 1998

Sorry to take so looong time to answer to all your email and messages !
With Fred Perrin we are now writing a Balisong little story with pictures and description.

We hope you will enjoy it as I have pictured very rare balisong knives from the 19th century.

Fred has been very busy as teaching how to kill evil terrorists ;-) and I have been really busy has filming libyan secret services for my new musical film but WE ARE BACK !

We hope you will enjoy our new soon pages and also we will try to answer to all your questions !

Soon also will be testing Fallkniven "Blackies" (the black coated knives and the S and soooon the WM !!!)
The Project II by Chris Reeve will be reviewed will also all Chris unique philosophy about quality making.
We got also the chance to test the CALYPSO from Spyderco and we will show you soon a review (soon also the starmate !)

Running out of time... where is my Viagra pill...



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I'm glad your back! I enjoy reading your "unique" posts and Fred's unusual reviews.

Stay sharp,
"filming Libyan secret services for my new musical film . . . "


c'mon, really, that line demands an explanation.

oh, and definitely welcome back!

The beatings will continue until morale improves.
Nemo, cnnot wait to hear what you have to say both good and evil about calypso, preferably full size Micarta Version. Not that I would ever say any bad words about Spyderco, I just want my folder to be as strong as my K-Bar!

I trust that the Lybians went so well in rehearsal we will see the full dress production on Fox'x newest series, Black-Ops Bloopers II: When Bad Things Happen to Good Thugs. I like your style. Please please please beat on your knives and test them like they deserve...anyone can read about how much they weigh in the catalog sites.