Barco USA 2.5lb 28" Double Bit Cruiser Axe w/Custom Leather Sheath


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Oct 28, 2009
FOR SALE- Barco USA 2.5lb 28" Double Bit Cruiser Axe w/Custom Sheath, has one edged profiled for chopping and the other for splitting. Barco went out of business sometime in 2018, so this is now a collectible. To the best of my knowledge, this was also the last production US made Cruiser sized double bit axe. This axe chops as good as Council Tool's Velvicut Boy's Axe which I used to own and did a side by side comparison. The head is on very tight. I soaked it in boiled linseed oil about 2 years ago and also drove another small piece of wooden wedge into the top to make sure it wouldn't come loose during hard field use. The custom leather sheath cost me $40 alone.

$75.00 Or Best Offer plus shipping (I will only charge what it costs me to ship to you and will ship the cheapest way possible). Paypal preferred. Sorry, no trades

Thanks for looking!

20200607_080528.jpg 20200607_080542.jpg 20200822_052610.jpg 20200822_052659.jpg 20200822_052737.jpg 20200822_052755.jpg

ALSO- Here are some pics of this axe when I first got it to get a better perspective of what it looked like when it was shiny and new. These pics are roughly 8 years old now! I had meant to post a forum review of this axe which is what these photos were orginally taken for. Unfortunately, I got a bit overwhelmed back then and never got around to posting it.

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