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Becker Magnum Camp Knife

Mar 8, 1999
I just got my Magnum Camp in today. What a sweet knife!! I always regretted not getting this baby when BJ quit making them and now I remember why. So far, I have just cut shadows and paper with it, but I will write a review later.

Overall first impression is very good. It is very light and fast in the hand. The edge came extremely sharp and fairly thin. The handle is typical Becker super comfortable. The Sheath is pretty good. And did I mention that the knife is FAST in the hand?
I am impressed.

Glad you like it! Mr Fisk, Mr Becker and the team here at CAMILLUS are pleased with the way it turned out also. Be careful, its kinda sharp as you noticed. When the first production sample arrived on my desk, I promptly cut myself and bled all over my computer<G>.

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery www.camillusknives.com

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Silly Willy!
I can certainly see how one could cut themself on the knife. It is sweet. I didn't reallt mention oin my post before but the reason for the light feel in he hand is a sweet distal taper in the blade. I feel certain Mr Fisk had a lot to do toth that. The balance of this knife feels much like one of his foged "camp bowies". To those wjo have not handled a Fisk: This is a huge compliment. The handle is certainly fuller than a run-of-the-mill Fisk, but it moves very similar.

I have a finger that is broke or something right now, but as soon as I get full use, I will do some cutting comaros to my ATAK and Bush Ranger. If you like the light fast feel of a CS Bush Ranger, by the way, you should love this knife.