Benchmade 705 Axis Lock

Aug 14, 1999
I just wanted to throw in my .02 worth. I decided I wanted something different for my "left" pocket carry piece. I was carrying a Spyderco Delica that served me well for about a year or so in my left side. My right side hada MT LCC- MA and someone bought that from me at my last show.(still have to replace that one.) Anyway, I decided for the BM705 for the left pocket and I must say I really like it. I never cared for the BM710. It felt to me and awkward in my hand. The BM705 seems to have a very tight lock-up, the weight is definitely not over-powering and carrie real nice with thepocket clip. It is totally ambidextrious for carry and the size for me is just perfect for a small task blade. After practicing, it is real easy to deploy quickly, even for someone who is not left-handed. My only small complaint, is that while it was sharp out of the box, it was not "hair-shaving" sharp. big deal. We have a guy at our shows that can fix that in about 2 minutes. All in all, I think this blade which retails at $145 and would sell for about $90-$115 on the internet is a great blade to carry.

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Mike Payne
Gotta agree with you on the feel of the knife. I carry mine in a coat pocket without the clip. Real handy for left or right hand use.
I've been carried one for almost a year and a half. It's been the most used knive I've owned.

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It's one heck of a little knife, that's for sure. And underrated too. Just check out the construction of the little piece. The 705 and 710 were the first production folders I bought that I didn't feel the need to disassemble and improve by adding things like threadserts, etc. on the opposite G10 scale (performed this surgery on a few 970's and 800's). It's perfect right out of the box. Too thick, hooey. Overbuilt, yes indeed, and I couldn't have overbuilt it better myself.

The 705 is still my everyday carry and primary LPU since May '99. Only looks better with wear too.

my thoughts are mirrored exactly in what the Professor just said...
love my little 705- got it in the black blade; partial serrations...only wish i had gotten it with no serrations and not in black (in case i ever have to travel with it). but for everyday carry, in it...
Well, the only thing that I would add to this worthy praise for a fine little knife is my troubles with the damn thumb stud.I love the axis lock and the knife feels very comfortable in my hands which are a little small. But the thumb stud is really tough for me to access. First thing I did when I got it home was take the Dremel to it and grind a thumb groove into the handle. MUCH BETTER! Now it opens really nice and easy and looks great to boot. Why didn't BM think of that?


Peter ATwood
Peter (Fountainman) hit the problem right on. I too found my Benchmades had very poor access to the thumb stud and had to catch the damn thing with my thumbnailnail to dig it out. I've relegated them to the drawers for this failing. Otherwise, they were very functional and a joy to carry.

If i had some tools, I may just do the same thing and grind a groove in the scales.


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I found the 705 to be really awkward feeling in your hand. Its shape offered good retention but poor ergonomics. It seemed stubby and thick and didn't fill my hand very well either. But my hadns are kind of big, a 750 pinnacle fits just right.
I had trouble with accessing the thumbstud on the 705 too. But not on my pinnacle.
If I were in the market for a smaller knife like a 705 I'd get another delica. Its not as rock solid, but its nicer to use and carry if you ask me.

It'll feel better when it stops hurting.
I haven't found the thumb-stud to be a problem, as far as accessing it, however, I wish it was smoothed out a little bit and not quite so rough on the thumb.

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Mike Payne
I don't have one yet (dammit), but I have handled these and the size is perfect for carry without the potential legal hassles one could face in my area. Combine that with the innovative lock-up system and it's a must-have as far as I'm concerned. The only complaints I did have was about the crazy "Pre-Production Run" blade etching on the first ones- what the hell did that mean- they produced it before they produced it? Hopefully BM has gotten beyond that by now.

I have been playing with my new 705 all day. I really like this little knife. It looks just like a little baby 710! Ha! It is just like those miniatures that are so popular with collectors.

Strongest little knife I've ever seen, seems all the parts are the same thickness and diameter as on the big 700. Mine came razor sharp and operates with a Swiss precision. I am having no problems with the thumb studs and have just about perfected flicking the blade open with a single flick of my thumb, like thumbing a cigarette lighter.

My only question is, what good is a 2 3/4" miniature tactical folder? Ha!

I am not too crazy about the ergonomics of the 705. The ergonomics of the 710 are fine for what you do with it, but a knife this small needs a different shaped handle. It is almost exactly the same size as my David Boye folders, but the Boyes are much more ergonomic and are far more natural to hold during use.

I took the pocket clip off of mine. It rides nicely in the pocket. I really like this little knife though, just for who it is.
Hi there,
I carry a 705 to work daily. It 'dissapears' in my pocket yet is one tough little knife. It really does look smaller than it feels.
Just my $ .02
I have been carrying the BM 705 for more than a year without the clip. I rounded the edges some on the handle which made it feel better in my hand. I use this knife for everything and probably somethings I shouldn't and it has performed very well. I would recommend it to anyone for daily carry and it will get through a California airport inspection.
One more thing I will say that is a small negative is that I find myself sometimes removing a little callus off my thumb when I open the 705 quickly. The blade is just a little bit narrow and catches the flat of my thumb on the serrations. I don't have this problem at all with the BM720 Mel Pardue but it is a much larger knife. The thing is, I really like these axis lock knives.

I know what you guys are saying about the slight awkwardness of the 705 but it is small and unnoticeable in your pocket and a damn handy using size. As soon as the novelty of my new Umfaan wears off it will probably find it's way back into my pocket.

Peter ATwood

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I held one this past weekend, and was quite impressed. I don't know why you all are complaining about the thumb studs. I didn't even have to use the thumb studs; just pull the axis lock back, and flip it open. Nice and smooth! I actually got to see the BM Knife of the Month (Oct or Nov or somewhere there abouts)which was a 705 with a grey checked anodized aluminum handles. Now that was a sweet knife! I may just have to get another Benchmade.

Daniel D.
I think that the 705 just may well be the finest production folder ever made. It's performance is out of all proportion to it's diminutive size. Simply cannot say enough about this knife!

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