Benchmade 710 Axis Lock M2 blade in france

Oct 16, 1998

just a quick note from Fred Perrin and I to tell you that we are now testing the Benchmade 710 Axis lock with plain edge M2 blade, here in France in the hald down forest of Normandy.
(half of the trees have fallen down since the last tempest of december the 26th in Europe...)

The axis lock is so smooth to open that we are thinking about putting away the thumb stud.
A flick of the wrist and the 710 is open and ready for action.

As Fred Perrin is working with the special forces of the french navy, they will be using the 710 in many situation and also in salty environment.

We will let you know Fred's feeling about the 710 in M2 soon.



I for one can't wait for the results. I hope they will include some hard use analysis of BM's BT2 coating. Are they being treated with Tuf-Cloth or similar protective coating other than the factory BT2?

just a quick word to let you know that
tyhe 710 is an excellent THROWING knife.

Fred Perrin has made a demonstration for the french army where he has quick draw the 710 and throw it on a target in glance of the eye.

We will let you know when he will use it to cut some cheese...


Throwing Knife?!!

Man, when you guys test a knife, you guys TEST a knife!

Very much looking forward to this review.
BTW, How's it going Nemo? We don't hear from you near enough around here anymore.

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I have wondered about removing the thumb studs too, but I'm afraid the blade will sit lower in the handle; making it harder to flick unless you pull back on the lock first.
It looks like the thumb studs are resting on the handles?

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The blade rests on the lock bar. At least that's how mine are.

I was tempted to remove the thumb stud but... finally (my favorite word for Blusman ;-D )
The knife is very very very well thought and rethought.

Fred Perrin (and I...) got our favorites folding knives (the Military from Spyderco and the Sebenza)...(We also got strong bounds with a lot of others, the Starmate, the AFCK, the KISS Classic but ...)
I am afraid the 710 is going to join that club of two and transform it into a club of three.

After one year of intense using the Militaries are at the top of the top.

Then we got a small Sebenza (all our Sebenza have been faithfull to us in any situation)

Now we need to test/use/Abuse the 710 for a long time to got further than a "toothpick inside the locking mechanism" review.
(Personnal message: Nothing personnal, my polish friend, but I was very very angry after reading your review, but I know your improving yourself all the time, so I don't worry. After the 710 was your "first shot" review...)

Fred got the chance (I don't know if it's the right word) to train and mess with the "French Navy Special FOrces Ninjas Commandos Phoques De La Mort Snipers Rippers Cheezy " where they use the best knives like ... well APES !!

One of them has broken in two a SOG Trident in one stroke...
ALl of them prefer "rusting" blades because they can sharp it any stones!!!
These "dangerous animals" got no respects for anonized wood inlay shiny expensive toys.

SO don't be surprised if the 710's are cutting wires or are thrown or used for silly task: they don't mind.

Some people have met Fred Perrin (Bluesman can tell you how Fred love to throw anything which can be stuck into something softer...)

For example Fred will throw a bowie knife into your leg and then while your are screaming on the floor he will cut your thorat with his Lagriffe... NYARK.
WHat a peaceful companion !

The only difference between me and him is that actually... I wrote it and he made it.

SO, he likes the 710... (when at first he was "laughing" at it..."Nothing can be compared to my Military !!")

Let see if if he will "love" it because then he will give me a lot of nice and stupid stories to write about the way he plays with it.
And we will laught out loud a lot ! "LOLAL"

These days he is using, his Militay, his Spydercard and the 710, everyday.

So ... in September... I hope to provide you some good stories about a "710 visiting the world of brutal prehistoric men".


BTW the review will be titled
"Black Is Beautiful"

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Finally,......I will have to agree with everything mon frere "Nemo" says.

It is good to have you back after too long an absence.

Say hello to that curmudgeon Fred for me as well, since he has taken to not returning my calls and letters of late.

Be careful my friends, it is true, finally, that these Frenchmen have no respect for knives. My God, they've even been known to use them!!!!

Le Blues

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I really like to see Nemo's and Fred's reviews. They are always interesting.

I bought a 710 when they first came out and I really like it. The best thing is that they are completely ambidextrous.

I can't wait to see the review.

Hey Nemo, can you please give us an update on how the 710HS is holding up? I'm dieing to see the review

I could not see Fred for a month now as we both are running everywhere.

The 710 M2 HS is a brilliant folder!
We use it hard and we want to see its lock behavior on a longer run. We got minor scratches on the coating but we have been able to cut a lot of thinks a folder knife should not cut...
Mine got the nickname of "Vader" because it's all black, looking great and when I open it, it seems like I hear "As you wish."

So be patient !

Before we want also to write a review about the Spydercard and also the long awaited Ray Kirk Lil Blue II review (excellent neck knife BTW!) .

Unfortunatly it won't be possible before next week.


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Any word on the review? I love to read Fred's reviews. I have really been considering getting the 710HS, but I hate blade coatings and really can't decide if their is that much of an improvement over ATS-34.

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Is the review up yet? I have a 710 and love it. I may break down and get the 710HS if the performance is that much better.

Dennis Bible

The 710 is a great knife.

Axis lock and M2 hmmm baby!

I want another!


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Helo !

I am waiting for Mighty Fred to come to edit the review.

Shortly it is an excellent knife!

i just wanted to add my 2 cents to the 710 saga. i absolutely LOVE mine!!! i found that by taking off the thumb stud, it presents a much better profile, and moving the axis lock back with the thumb has the blade popping open without me even thinking about it. i am going to get another one, as i got the combo edge and let a friend use it to cut through galvanized steel while i wasn't looking

still cuts great after a resharpen, but he put some NASTY scratches on the finish. LOVE the knife.