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Benchmade 720 vs 721

Feb 13, 2001
As far as I can tell the only difference between these two kinves is Aluminum vs G10 handles. Does anyone have any oppinion on this choice? BTW: I can't seem to find the 721 on sale anywhere so this question may be moot.

Hi mjoury,

I just ordered one from Bayou Lafourche. Roger has them in stock.

Try: http://www.knifeworks.com/

IMO, the 721 looks better but the 720 is probably stronger due to the solid frame. For practical purposes, I doubt the difference in strength is all that great. Also, for winter use, I think the G10 scales might be easier on your hands. Other than that, I can't think of any differences but I will know more when my 721 arrives.

Hoodoo, a BM 72X fan

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G10 is more resistant to small wear/scratch marks. The G10 also is smoother in and out of the pocket, if you wear it clipped.

The aluminum does have a nice grippy feel due to the matte finish, though.
I like the 720. It's rock solid, and the Aluminum scales give a surprising amount of grip. I am looking forward to the G10 version, though.