Benchmade 730 specs or info?

Jan 19, 2000
Hi there,

Does anyone know the specs on the 'new' Benchmade 730? Or has anyone seen any early reviews or photos of this knife? All I've heard so far is that it's another Elishewitz design with a spearpoint blade, 'Axis' lock, and two-tone G-10 handle scales. Please let me know if you have more info. Thanks all!
I think there are photos at It's a nice knife, feels good in the hand, at least the preproduction models do - those are in ATS-34, whereas apparently the production models due out later will be BG-42 or 440V or some other neato steel. Handles are "terraced," if that's the right word. The models (preproduction) I've held have felt excellent in the hand, very sturdy but not bulky, useful spearpoint blade (approx 3.7"?), smooth-opening. I find the Axis lock a little trickier to close fluidly than a liner-lock, but on the other hand the strength and reliability of the Axis design is a great improvement over liner-locks. I think the handle-color of the preproduction models, swirled black and mauve/purple/pink/whatever G10, is just butt-ugly, but to each their own I guess . . .

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If you go to you can see photos of it and you will be able to see all of the specs. also. It is being made with ATS34 right now but the will be made out of 154CM. I just got my 730 yesterday and I love it I don't know if it will replace my 705 as my daily carry. Hope this helps

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oh yeah,and all you have to do is pull the axis lock back and the blade should close by itslef, mine does anyways with no blade play either, thats how smooth this knife butter!
I also have received one of the Pre-production serial numbered knives. #460/ 1,000.

It truly is a great knife. Very comfortable, smoother than any other folder I have seen or used.

The 2 things I like most are: 1. The handle is a 2 tone Maroon and black "Terraced" G10 configuration which is very functional but does not look "Tactical". It looks like one of Allen Elishwitz's "Ares" knives. Very classy.

2. The dagger style blade is 3.5" which is the legal limit in my home state of Colorado for legal concealed carry. It also has sufficient "Belly" for effective defense type slashes. The blade was very sharp right out of the box which has been an issue with some BM's in the past.

The pre-production knives have a combo half serrated and half plain edge dagger type blade. This can be a problem at airport security as they are sometimes banning knives with serrations determining that they are "menacing" looking. It's their right to not let you on, so I am waiting for a full plain edge in the production run for a true airline travel blade.

The Axis lock as many of you know by now allows a very, "Silky Smooth" action with no blade slop. It is IMHO the strongest and safest lock in the industry.

Truly my favorite Benchmade to date.

Thanks everyone!

I'll look up those sites!

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Thanks everyone!

I really appreciated your feedback and great info. The pictures on the Benchmade site were pretty cool! I've got a couple more follow-up questions for you folks. How do you obtain one of these pre-production units? Did you get on a special list? Or did you attend a knife show where a Benchmade Rep was present? I would love to be the first guy on the block to get a brand new unit sometimes!

Thanks again everybody!
chubs, bm made 1000 of the pre prod. models. they sent them to various dealers around the us, the store i got mine from only recieved 1. soe recieved more so i've heard. go to the knife trader and make a post about wanting a pre production model and i bet you might find one, unless you want to make me an offer of about a 50% mark up!....lmho...j/k
Hey Shawn,

Thanks for the heads-up on where to find some of the pre-production units. I'll scout around a bit. Have a great one now!