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Benchmade 750 great knife

Nov 24, 1999
I just got one of these for my birthday and I love it. I got the serrated version with a satin finsh. It came shaving sharp out of the box, although with the very blunt edge grind it doesn't slice paper or anything to well. I'll fix that later. I'd say that spyderco's coem sharper but it is sharp enough for out of the box.
Lockup is very tight, no play and the liner engages about halfway across the tang, so theres lots of room left for wear.
My favorite thing about it is its weight and balance. Its not heavy for a knife its size, but has just enough heft to it that it feels good in your hand. And the balance is exactly how I want it. I was worried that it would be handle heavy since its a metal handle but the 6al4v takes care of that problem. Instead its balance point is right behind the cutout where you disengage the lock. Very similar to the balance of a spyderco delica 98 only with more weight.Its pretty much right at the center of the knife when its opened.
The finish on the handle scales is great too. Its not rough enough to tear up your pockets or be uncomfortable, but it has this gritty feel to it that gives you a really positive grip.
The blade is very strong right down to the tip. The way its ground keeps it from being overly thick anywhere, but leaves you with a strong cross section all the way to the tip, and at the spine its just a hair under being a full 1/8" thick.
The traction grooves looked like they would be a pain in the ass but now that I have the knife I like them too. They aren't sharp enough to bother your hand but give you a little added security in your grip.
The lock release took a little getting used to, but then I've never had a liner or frame lock before so thats expected. After a few tries I can easily close the knife with one hand and didn't even cut myself figuring it out

I got the knife from discount knives ( www.discountknives.com ) not only did they have the best price I could find, but there customer service is great and very prompt. When I opened the package on my birthday they had accidently shipped me a 705s instead of a 750s. ( you may have already read what I think of the 705 after handling my friends so I was kind of diassapointed). But I emailed Bryan from discount knives, to find out how to get it exchanged. I emailed him a saturday just to have it done and figured I'd receive a reply on monday or tuesday. Instead I received a reply on sunday, and they sent me the 750S and a postage paid return label so that all I had to do was put the 705 back in the mail. And the 750 was delivered on wednesday.Thats the best customer service I've experienced in a long timeand I would reccomend discount knives to anyone who's looking to buy another knife.

It'll feel better when it stops hurting.
Yup, Brian @ DiscountKnives.com is good. Does the Pinnacle handle scratch easily (or have you not banged it around enough to find out yet)?

Only had it for 3 days now, and since I've spent the last 2 at home with a cold I'm having trouble getting past my mom and out of the house to use it much

It'll feel better when it stops hurting.