Benchmade 855/856

Feb 7, 2000
I just got my Benchmade 856 (P.P.#217/500) from that contest Cumberland Knives had a little while back, and I was wondering if anyone else has one of these, and knows of anything I might want to watch out for that is specific to this model.

I know Benchmade isn't perfect on QC (and the sharpening isn't perfectly even, but the grinds look okay), so I was wondering if there are any problems inherent to this model (not Benchmades or knives in general).

Lastly, any recommendations as to a good angle to sharpen to (seeing as the blade is fairly thin), so that it will work as a good light-duty knife (opening letters, occasionaly shaving to show people why the $5 knife they bought at the counter of a convenience store is not comparable to a folder that lists for $100, etc.)?



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I too got a 856 from Cumberland Knives (I bought a Emerson Commander and he threw one in :) I know what you mean about BM QC, I thought that overall the knife is a charmer. It's compact and small though the blade is a bit thin for anything other than light use that you mentioned. I like the overall design of it, it has clean lines etc. One thing I didn't like was the lack of a lanyard hole. Seeing as how it's a small knife I guess they felt it wasn't necessary. I was surprised by the thickness of the liners, the handle seems a bit weighty when compared to the blade. Well that's my two cents...

I kind of like the thick handles; makes the knife feel very sturdy for something that small.

Jon, I attend college in Worcester, so I'm not very familiar with the area (I'm from Maine). Are there any good knife stores around here? Also do you know where I can find out what the knife laws are (not that I'm worried about a BM856, but I have my eye on a few other things


Originally posted by jon303:
One thing I didn't like was the lack of a lanyard hole.
I know it's hard to sell knives without lanyard holes, but I really think they're totally useless almost all the time and would prefer it if I had the option of buying knives without them.

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hi e,
what college do you go to? I attend Clark university, not too far from my house. the area isn't too good for buying knives, there is a place in the Natick mall (in Natick obviously) which is about 45 minutes away, they charge retail and don't know much about their production knives, but it's a good way to handle some knives before buying them on the internet. about the knife laws. as far as I know, MA law is 4 inches and under for folders and fixed blades, don't take may for it though, I'm pretty sure that's what it is. take it easy and ttyl,

I'm at WPI. I guess I'll have to take a trip to Natick. I hate having to worry about whether the knife that everyone says is great won't actually fit my hand when I get it, but the closed the only decent knife store near my house in Maine just as I was starting to get interested in (i.e., had money for) 'real' knives. The law better not be 4" and under; I want a Nimravus


hi e,
well the law for carry as I understand it is 4inches pretty much for folders and fixed blades. I have fixed blades 4 and over but don't carry them, there is nothing illegal about owning them
What are you studying? I have a friend that goes there, he's in EE (electrical engineering) his name's Dan Mungovan, know him by any chance? just a thought.
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