Benchmade 940 (the Warren Osborne Folder):Has anyone tested one? Where can I get one?

Dec 1, 1999
I just seen some pictures of this Benchmade 940 in the Knives illustrated magazine. I was wondering if anyone tested one out? Also, does anyone know where to get one and how much? Thanks.
I've got a part serrated satin finished one. Really nice piece, it's refreshingly non-tactical in terms of appearance and overall design. I've used it a bit around the house and its a good size utility folder. Easy to open, close, and carry. Plus with the inclusion of the Axis Lock, it's a superb daily carry piece. I like mine a lot. Vendors? Try 1SKS or KnifeCenter, there are others as well.

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anyone know where there are some good pictures of it? allthe pics i've seen in the mags and the benchmade catalog are at a funny angle so i cant even tell what it really looks like

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Got one a few weeks ago from TopTenKnives.
Excellent, personal and quick service (got in two working days). Price was nice also. Would highly recommend them.

Mine is w/plain edge, no coating.
Fit and finsh are excellent (except for the clip, which is roughly finished. Too bad BM didn't follow through there, bec. otherwise the piece is extremely attractive).

Function wise, the open/close action was initially a bit "dry"; but with some TufGlide, the 940 now opens smoothly, even with a quick snap of the wrist. The Axis lock is extremely secure; also, I've found that by keeping it back in the "open" position, you can easily do a one-handed close.

Overall feel in the hand is nice, though personally I prefer slightly more heft (the 940's aluminum handle makes for a lightweight knife!)...

Blade came hair popping sharp; easily going through a sheet of newspaper. It also has good penetration. Have been using it around the house; for fishing trips and as a daily carry. It is unobtrusive and IMO a great value.

If you head over to the Benchmade Forum and ask the same question, there should be plenty of information. I know Mr. Mattis posted some pictures over there. Try doing a search when you get there. I can't remember if he posted the same pictures here.
I guess I need to do a search for them.
You can also find the 940 at Northwestern Cutlery.

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The knife slices well. I just cleaned, 18 bass last night with the osborne and it came through extremely well. Even after cutting bait all day long using a granite rock as a cutting board. And beleive me the knife came into contact with it many times. However, I wish the knife came with a built in odor eleminator as it tends to smell every time it gets those slimy guts rubbed into it. Later, Jeff
I've had my issues with BM's QC, but this 940 seems to be different. I got the plain satin blade. The other day and am positive on this knife. Accordingly, these are initial impressions and not the opinions formed by real world use over time or exhaustive testing. All I have cut with it so far was packaging material, prime rib (medium and an end cut) and some hard crust/soft inside Italian bread.

APPEARANCE: This is really a matter of taste but I think this is one of the best looking knives out there. The blade design is very functional (for certain uses) and looks good. The handles, spacers, grip surfaces, everything really makes this knife, IMO, a work of art. The color of the aluminum is different and very nicely done. This is one good looking knife.

FIT N' FINISH: Couldn't believe it was a Benchmade. It's beautiful - nicely done for the price. Nicely done, period! It may not be CRK, but it's closer than anything I have seen that's not CRK price. Clip was not as nicely finished as the rest of the knife but that may be a function of the type of coating used. Besides, BM had to leave their mark somewhere, better on the clip only.

BLADE: Nice polishing job and, contrary to many others' experiences, the grind is reasonably uniform. Only one small area appears marguinally uneven. Sharp out of the box.

ACTION: Smoothest around in its price range -and beyond. I am going to take a bold step here and say, take the smoothness of the Sebenza and apply it to an axis lock and that's what it feels like. I put some CRK teflon lube on it after a bunch of "break-in" cycles and it's like a combination of butter and silk.

DESIGN FAULTS: I like tip up carry, but not on an axis lock. I always feel as though this particular lock type is more sensitive to debris fouling and should be away from the bottoms of pockets where lint and all manner of delicate part jambing materials hang out. Tip up carry has tactical advantages but this is not a "tactical" knife.

I like the axis lock generally and this knife is a particularly good example of what can be done when you have great design, quality materials and good execution.

Though Angie in service is tops, I am not BM's greatest fan, as it relates to quality control, so for me to praise this knife should tell you something. This knife replaces my Wegner, Jr. as my daily "suit and tie" gentleman's folder and that should tell you something as well.