Benchmade AFCK

Oct 5, 1998
I finnaly got around to buying a AFCK 800/M2HSS today from Mark(M.J&S Knives)today at a local Gun and knife show and have two questions about it... 1. Has anyone ever had problems with the Benchmade logo coming loose or off of the handle. 2. The liner on both sides where the stop pin is have small slits cut into them, what's the idea here?


Benchmade did have a problem some time ago with logo adhesion -- apparently a bad batch of logos labels from their supplier. After upwards of four years now of virtually daily carry, the one on the front of mine is loose, but the back one is still solid. Benchmade did replace those that failed under warranty if they were sent in.

I had never noticed those little slits, but there they are. I don't know for sure, but I'm going to guess that they relieve stress caused by thermal expansion/contraction. Either that, or they're just some left-over of the manufacturing process. They don't seem to hurt anything.

I bought one of the smaller Benchmade AFCK in 1995. I still have it and the only problem I ever had was that when I firt got it the liner lock didnt work to well. It didnt make real good contact with the blade when locked open, but I sent it back to benchmade and they corrected the problem.
I dont know about the labels but the little slits are from the laser cutting of the liners, it is the place where the laser started the peircing cut before it cut the hole for the stop pin...

Hope it helps, Alan...
Who was that stupid idiot who thought the slits had something to do with reducing stress. What a stupid guy. The slots would actually make any stress worse. A nice round hole would reduce stress. That's why you drill then end of a crack to stop if from spreading. You know, they'll let anyone into this place and let them post any old stupid idea that comes to his mind. Someone should take that guy out and give him a whipping.

Thank you Mr. Folts for setting us all straight and saving us from the speculations of the unknowing.

Well, That makes sense, Im glad someone knew the answer, instead of just some boob coming around and babbling on and on and guessing about the answer...some people!

Thanks! This is such a great place for just this kind of info.

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