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Benchmade folder clip replacement screws?


Nov 8, 1998
Anyone know of some screws I can purchase that will fit the pocket clip screw holes on the handle of a BM folder (mini-AFCK & 350). I'm going to remove the pocket clips and would like some replacement screws that fit flush with the handle, if possible.
Hi Jon,
I think I can help you out. I'm the most enthusiastic clip-hater around, so I've done my research.
What you need is 256 X 1/16" Stainless Cup Set Screws. They must be installed with an .035 Allen wrench, but they do fit flush and give the "factory" appearance.
Try some local specialty hardware or small electronics store, and do it by phone.
If you have no luck, mine came from:
Hardware, Inc.
PO Box 886
Bethany, OK. 73008
(405) 789-1088
The part no. is AN565DC2H1
They cost about a dime each so i always get a dozen.
Later, Bill
Thanks Bill, appreciated.

I guess you and me are the only "clip haters" around <grin>.
Thanks Bill (a lot) now I can get rid of some of those screws that are standing up on my mini and cubs. Another "clip hater" (always mess up a good grip.)
That's what it does,Gus. Screws up a good grip.
Also makes the knife twice as thick on a side profile, and generally looks utilitarian/ugly.
The ONLY knife I own that retains its clip is the James Brothers Cheyenne.
The clip is somehow "right" on these knives.
Let me know if I can help you guys on the screws.
Later, Bill
For anyone else interested - the BM 820 has Torx #8 screws for the clip & the BM 350 has Torx #7 screws for the clips. Haven't found "replacement" screws yet.
Thanks to Bill McWilliams for the help.

Comment - while both of these folders are very nice I think Benchmade should make more info available if only on their web site, i.e. Torx size & replacement screw size - this isn't a safety issue. While not expensive "custom" knives, at $45.00 & $70.00 these aren't cheap knives either.

Just my opinion, your's might vary greatly.