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Benchmade Mini-Stryker? need opinions please.

Aug 8, 1999
wondering how strong the liner lock is; how much travel anyone has experienced with the liner lock moving over on the blade? is the liner lock itself made of titanium and is this a good or bad thing in your opinion? thanks..
I used to carry one of these as my primary LPU (life preservation unit) before I started carrying a fixed blade and BM 705 combo. The mini-Stryker is a great, great little knife. If you get one with a good fit and finish, it's IMO the best little production liner lock on the market. The liner thickness compared to the tang of the blade's thickness make it almost like a mini monolock when you think about it. It served me well for general utility, and is hands down the best gripping little knife I own to date. The appeal to me was that it is legal to carry concealed in my state because of its sub 3in blade. The construction is rock-solid; it's the first BM I ever bought that I didn't make personal customizations on, like surgically implanting threadserts on the old 970 models. This knife is set apart from others, again IMO, in that it was and remains one of the few knives that are ready out of the box.

The liner lock is titanium, and like the Sebenza's mono lock, cannot really wear out. Sure, you can develop up and down (and perhaps lateral as well) blade wobble down the road, but there's not enough space between the blade tang and the opposite liner for the blade to possibly close once the liner has worn all the way across. I considered, if and when mine ever got to this point and BM wasn't fixing them for free anymore (hopefully never), having a custom maker make me a few replacement liner locks. Honestly, I think the blade will wear out with daily use before there's great locking concern. Hope this helps out some.

How's your luck been with sharpening the Mini-Stryker? More to the point, what do you use to sharpen it? I love mine, but am finding ATS-34 harder and harder to sharpen.

I use primarily Spyderco Tri Angle stones; the white ones mostly. I use them freehand, and have reground a finer-angled edge on my Mini-Stryker.
I have been carrying one for a year and a half. I opted for comboedge and bt2 coating. Like Prof said the ergonomics on this knife are very good. It feels surprisingly good in the hand for being a smaller knife. I have had excellent results sharpening my using a friends lansky kit, it is easy for me to get it to shave. I also am restricted by a 3 inch blade limit and I think that the mini stryker is an excellent choice when you can't have a larger knife. I have not babied the knife at all and I have no play in the lock or anything else. It has held up admirably. email me if you have any other questions.
I've been carrying a 905SBT for a long time now...except now I just got my sebenza so i'm carrying that!. I love the 905 but it is hard to shapen IMO. It's a good user knife. It fits well and the blade cuts nicely. I've never had any problems with the Ti Liner, it seems to still be intact even with my abuse. the blade does, however, have a little bit of lateral play. Not too much but it has some nonetheless. You'll love the knife. Just make sure you use it and beat it up!


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I bought a mini stryker serrated with the BT2 coating. I work at a boat dock as a lifeguard during the summer and it really came in handy. The liner lock moved all the way over and rested against the liner after awhile which gave me some concern. Overall this was a real solid knife. I called benchmade and asked them about possibly having a automini stryker. The receptionist said that there was a chance.
thanks to all for the replies. guess what? for my birthday i was playing with a Random Task and the one i was looking at was perfect. i bought it; it's been my daily carry whenever i wear a folder. loving it. thanks again for the info about the Stryker though!