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Benchmade Suggestions

Aug 31, 2000
Well, the bug has bitten again. I was at a local outdoors equipment store, handling the knives-they carry meager spyderco assortment, but they had just begun carrying Benchmade products, and I handled the axis lock for the first time. I also handled the Stryker, and was similiarly impressed. My curiosity smitten, I resolved to find out as much as I could about the whole line, for I just know one of 'em is next on my list...So if anyone has any info to offer about the axis lock, or the strength and durability of their liner locks, or any suggestions for a smallish (around four inches closed) benchmade folder, that'll last forever (cause $130 or so is alot of money for me...)i'd appreciate it. Thanks!
If I could only have one Benchmade it would be the 710 axis lock.

The Axis lock is an awesome locking mechanism. Easy to use, super strong, very reliable. I would get an axis lock before I got a Benchmade with a liner lock.

If you want a Benchmade with a linerlock look at the AFCK.

Both the AFCK and the 710 are available in M-2 tool steel as well as ATS-34.

I have a BM 730, and I can't say enough good things about it.
What sold me on it was that it is truly ambidextrous, in that the axis lock can be operated with ease using either hand, and the clip is reversible also.
The ergonomics are excellent, I like the muted colors ( although I would like maroon or blue better ), and it's very smooth opening with absolutely no blade play at all.

Overall, I would say the BM 730 is a winner, or the 732 ( same as the 730 but black ).
I have a AFCK and a 710 Axis both in M2. I carry the AFCK daily, well until it was returned for wobble. I would say go for the AXIS in M2, but it is a bit heavy in the pocket.


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I have an AFCK and mini-AFCK and 350 and they are all great knives.

But the Axis locks blow everything else away. If you're thinking defensive knife, the 710 is what you're looking for. If you want something a little smaller and less likely to freak people out, get a 730. If you want a real sleek looking, bigger-than-it-looks, sheeple friendly knife, get a 940. If you have a 3" length limit, get a 705. If you need a tanto, 722.

BM's liner locks are very good knives, but you really need an Axis.

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