Benchmade Terzuola 450BC1 pre-pro

Barry, I couldn't get the link to work for me. Anyone else have any luck? I'm very interested in seeing this review

No luck.
Sincerest apologies on my mistake on the hyperlink. That was my first try in that formating. Are there "cut and paste tricks in hyperlinking?

Thanks for fixing, Joe. Hope you all liked the review.


You can just highlight the addy at the top of the browser, right click, select cut, and then paste it where ever you want. At least Internet Explorer works this way, and I'm pretty sure Netscape and AOL do too.

Yes, thanks for the review! How were fit and finish, compared to, say, William Henry?

I'll be very interested in a follow-up in a couple weeks, to let us know how the coating is holding up!

I don't own any WH folders. I have handled several Umfaans, though. It appears to me that the 450 is put togethr very well: No rough edges. Both sides appear to be symetrical. I think the 450 is easier to open one handed than the Umfaan.
Overall, I think this is a very nice knife.
Barry H
I handled one of these today. The fit and finish were great, opening and lock were also very nice. I really liked the handle/scales, a good fit for even my large hands. Very thin and light weight, you'ld hardly know it was in your pocket.

The blade looks a bit odd (to me), sort of a short false edge on a spear point? Also, I don't care for coatings on blades.

The 'lapel' hook I would have to try, I think I would end up taking it off, it didn't seem to be an 'easy' method of securing a knife, and the knife is small enough for easy pocket carry.

A pretty little knife, but not for everyone.