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Benchmark Ninja

Apr 18, 1999
Some years ago, the Benchmark Knife Co. made two similar knives. Both were fixed blades of about 4 inches. One was called the Stingray, the other the Ninja. Does anyone know anything about the quality of these knives?


Willieboy, I believe when Benchmark made the knives they were called the Ninja for the double edged and the Moray for the single. I've got an original Benchmade Moray and though I've never used it the quality seems good. I believe that at some point Gerber either bought Benchmark or bought the rights to some of their designs. I've seen the Gerberized copies and was not very impressed when comparing them to the originals.


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I believe you are correct in that other knife was called the Moray. I knew it was named after some sea-dweller.