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Berretta Knives



Just won a bid on Ebay - yeah, I know, I hate E bay... 15 bucks for a new Berretta knife.
That blade, skeletal with only one cross member - is it a good blade? Are there any known problems with the Berretta knives? and is 15 bucks a fair deal?

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

Good price on the beretta. I have 2, a full and medium size. Dont know if the skelotal blade makes it very weak or not. I dont use mine much, cut boxes and stuff with them. The when pushing the lock bar to close them, the locks dont feel very stiff or strong compared to my spydees, although I have not tried the spine whack test on them. Edge hoding from limited use seems fair. However if I take my time I can put a wicked edge on them. Definately one of the sharpest of the factory knives IMO. Overall they seem like decent knives.
I like the Beretta line a lot. The skeletonizing of the blade is somewhat weakening, but I just think of it as a reminder that it's a folder and shouldn't be coming under heavy strain, anyhow. The AUS-8 is decent steel, very easy to sharpen, and the overall pattern is very good for utility. There are at least three sizes and they come with aluminum or Zytel handles, but I think $15 for the smallest Zytel one would still be a pretty good deal. Most don't have clips, though, so you may need a belt pouch or just put it in your pocket loose. I had the opportunity to compare a large aluminum Beretta Airlight to a Spyderco TufRam (coated aluminum) Police, and they were so close in construction and finish that they looked like they came from the same factory. In other words, the Berettas are some fine knives for the money!

I picked up one of the large Airlight Series made out of Zytel with skeltonized 440C a few weeks back. The one thing about it that REALLY bugs me is that I find the thumb stud too close to the pivot (I have medium sized hands): this makes it hard for me to open the knife one handed. I work work with my hands all day, so my lack of strength isn't the issue...lol. I tried adjusting the blade tension, but I narrowed it down to the the thumbstud/pivot distance. Has any one else notices this?? I scraped some of the zytel away where it looked like it was contacting the sides of the blade - in case it was binding anywhere.....this didn't help the opening of it.

This LTWT Beretta Knife appears to be well made. I am sure the skeletonized blade is going to make it accumulate a lot of things if you are say cleaning up some trout. It looks cool, but I does take away from the strength of the blade

Just my thoughts..... lol.

Ray 'md2020'
Thanks guys...
Looks like I got a pretty good deal.

Any problems with the stud can be handled by a brief encounter with a Dremel tool...

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!