Best all around folder under $150...

Jun 20, 1999
I already know what folder I would call the best all around under $150, but I want to hear some outside opinions, so go ahead, speak your mind!
Best at what? There are a lot of really good ones under $150.

The strongest ones are the Benchmade Pinnacle and 710, and the REKAT Pioneers.

The Spyderco Military, Benchmade M-2 AFCK, and A-2 EDI Genesis are all great cutters.

I find the flat ground spearpiont blade on the Gerber Covert very versatile.

The David Boye Dendritic Cobalt lockback is very ergonomic, lightweight, holds and edge forever, and is almost corrosion proof.

The Spyderco Calypsos and Kershaw Wild Wild Turkey are fantastic cutters and good ergonomically.

So what's your best?

Steve covered the bases pretty good IMHO.


p.s. I am really looking forward to getting the A-2 EDI knives in. Great value IMHO.
Military and the AFCK are both great knives... Very usable and handy...

But Dont forget the Endura - it is well under 100 bucks but will cut and work as hard as the others. The Endura is the BEST deal in knives on the planet.

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I guess you beat me to it! I have carried several "real" folders over the years, and I would have to say my favorites are what I carry now: Endura and Calypso. The Calypso is the sharpest knife I own, by a longshot, but it is ground very thin and is a pretty nice knife to want to use really hard. My Endura is plenty sharp, has a great utility shape, and takes and holds an edge nicely. It has a Zytel handle, so it is not something you'd be afraid to abuse a little. I even carry my SAK every now and then, but not as much as I used to.
Two other pocket knives I have added to my everyday rotation (BTW, unlike Dexter Ewing, I only carry one knife at a time...usually...) are the Sean Perkins Seraph and also the 3" handle Stygia. Both are excellent size for pocket carry, so despite being fixed blades I still consider them pocket knives. Everyone has their favorite, so it's a moot point, really.

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AFCK and Spydero Military are nice but for overall quality/utility I don't think you can beat a full size Microtech MA SOCOM. You will probably have to buy in the for sale forum to find one at that price. Have seen dealers sell them for about $170.
Not to beat a dead horse, but the SOCOM? Quality, yes. Fit and finish out the wazoo. But utility? I'd rather have a:
and many more.
All have better edge geometry and ergonomics (the latter a personal preference, admittedly) than the SOCOM. I'm talking clip-point of course; I still can't figure what a tanto is good for.

Microtechs are great for collecting and "oohing and aahing" at the great machining (I like handwork better, but...) Some of them (well, the SOCOM and LUDT, at least) are also quite usable. But I get very upset by the idea sone folks have that your extra $$$ on an MT are going towards performance. They're simply not. They are going towards producing a collector-quality knife with attention to detail that is well beyond what is needed functionally.

A SOCOM is a good knife and a great investment, but it's not hard to name knives at nearly half the price that will kick its butt in a functional context. Maybe this is just a disagreement over what makes a knife "best."

Go for the Military or M-2 AFCK; both can be found for $105.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Hmmm... Corduroy's starting to contradict himself here:

"In the knife world I too often feel that to include form or beauty in your assessment of a design means you aren't a 'serious user.' Can you imagine applying that attitude to sports cars? Both objects are functional machines, but both are also toys and status symbols"

OK, I concede I'm typing before my brain can catch up, and when viewed with aesthetics and fit-and-finish in mind, the SOCOM may be the "best." Good utility, great toy, and *major* status symbol. Still doesn't make the price cutoff, though.

Hey, I knew something was wrong when I found myself arguing for ignoring the knife's aesthetic value and only judging it by function. The above quote, from one of my posts on the Spydie forum, represents my real attitudes on this much better.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?

Corduroy -- maybe you should copy Roadrunner's sig?

Soloman -- if you already know what is the best folder under $150, 2,400+ forumites' inquring minds want to know!

For pure cutting ability, the new Delica and Endura are an excellent value, and for $150 you can own both + a good sharpening system.


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If it comes out soon, I'd reccomend the full-sized Dyad as the best all around. It has a sheepsfoot, serrated blade, and a Endura-style blade with a plain edge. If I remember the price correctly, you should be able to get one with a sharpmaker for about 150

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Check the Lancet, in Carbon Fiber from William Henry, check the site, they just updated it with a lot of photos. The list price is $175, but you probably could find one for slightly less if you looked hard enough....

<A href="">William Henry Knives</A>

Lookin' into getting a Lancet some time soon.


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Genesis EDI was solid when i got to use it. I got a CUDA, love it personally.
Just curious...

I didn't see the Spydie Wegner listed...any reasons why not?
You didn`t say if the $150 price was MSRP or real discount price.If discount you are right on the border for several great knives,such as the Emerson Raven.I`d have to put the BM 710 , the new Spydie military and Tim Wegner up for consideration as well.

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I may stray, but I always come back to my full-sized, partially serrated Spyder Wegner. The blade can be applied to pretty much any job and is easy to sharpen. The blade, lock, and handle are solid and comfortable.
I have had most of the knives already mentioned. I am surprised that no one has mentioned my pick. The REKAT Carnivour. For the money this is the best production knife, for me.