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Dec 25, 1998
Occasionally a knife maker, manufacturer, or someone else develops a product that delivers alot of bang for your buck. These products offer great value. I would like to nominate a few items and get some more nominations and opinions.

Columbia Rivers M-16 series

Columbia Rivers stiff Kiss

Newt Livesay's neck knives (and most of his other knives)

Spyderco Sharpmaker 204

Spyderco Moran (didnt start out as a bang for your buck item but can be found now at prices making it one)

kydex sheaths by by Mike Sastre of River City Sheaths

I am sure there are alot of others out there. Care to name any?


I'm a cheapskate so I should be good at this.

Gerber LST
Outdoor Edge Wedge
Victorinox Adventurer
Buck 110
Spyderco Delica & Endura (w/zytel clips)
Columbia River Mirage
Benchmade Ascent 830
Rapala fillet knives
HI Villagers
Zippo Lighters & Busch Beer
I better stop.
I'm giving away too many secrets.

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Bang for you buck......

I know some will pooo pooo this, because the sheaths are not the best, and the style ain't cool, and you cannot pry heavily because of being stick tang construction( and the tangs ain't that big, BUT

For good edge retention and ease of sharpening (built in sharpening alignment)
the Helle brand laminated stainless steel knives are great. I have using one for a couple of months now, and have been whittling seasoned oak, and these knives are good.

They stay sharp longer than my ats-34 factory knives(Benchmades,Columbia River Knife and Tool, and Kershaw) and sharpening is a breeze. 4" straight knives can be had for about $40-$45 thru Ragnar Forge, and he gets them to you quick.

Anybody else like these knives???

Thomas Zinn
Heres a short list.

Ruger 10/22 Ruger redlable
CRKT M-16 series Outdoor Edge Magna
BlackJack knives 1-7 Victorinox climber
Outdoor Edge Kodi-Pak REKAT Fang/UNK
REKAT Pioneer CAS Iberia
Butler Creek

Not a complete list or possibly a cheap one just good overall value for the money of the items I have used.



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The RCM (recon combat machete) that Newt makes is an exceptional value at 150.00. I also feel Ontario Knife makes some great stuff for the buck.
Cold Steel Voyager Series, Master Hunter, Bushmaster, Trail Master, Recon Scout.

Newt Livesay's Knives.....any!

Columbia River Knife and Tool....most of their lineup.

Ontario Knives.

Mickey's Big Mouth!

200 proof Straight Grain Alcohol from Tiajuana.

Mad Magazine.

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Here is my list of BEST BANG for the BUCK!

Remington 541T .22lr bolt action rifle - wicked accurate using cheap std velocity ammo - use the 5 shot mags ONLY.

Beeman R9 .177 cal air rifle (spring piston)- world class accuracy w/ Crosman Premier lite pellets: tuned my the 'Springman' himself - Jim Maccari of MD!!!

Weaver V16 (4x - 16x adjustable objextive) rifle scope for ANY rifle use (tough enough for spring air rifle use!)- be sure it can focus down to 10 yds NOT the 50 yd one.

Mossberg 500 slug shotgun with rifled barrel - shooting sabots at 75 yds you can't believe the groups! Cheap and wicked accurate w/ any Federal sabots.

Gurka House Khukuri (WW) - very reasonably priced, great product, super service from Craig.

Spyderco Calypso jr PLAIN blade - easy to sharpen, SWEETest action! The Wegner jr. is super, too!

Spyderco 204 Sharpener - oh, WHY didn't I buy you sooner?!

REKAT Fang, and Utility Neck knives - strong, great ergonomics
Damn, all the REKAT products are great! Pioneer, Carnivour, can't wait for the SIFU!

Bomber 1/16" oz spinner bait - KILLER on bass! Chartreuse is my favorite buy 6, and use 4,or 6 lbs line -- hang on BABY!!

Fenwick graphite rods - I've been using them for over 20 yrs (HMG)

Penn Spinning reels - the ol' GREEN ones are the best, new ones are nice, too!

Berley Trilene XL monofilament - 25 yrs later, no one has made a better, or thinner fishing line!

Coke Classic, and Diet Coke - copied, but NONE better.

Spyderco Customer Service 'sweethart' - Danelle
! Be still my heart (B5) - what a woman!
smile.gif !!

Mike Sastre of River City Sheaths! Kydex, or Concealex sheaths that fits like a glove - need I say more?!

Ray 'md2020'

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Schrade Old timmer', any of them.
Spyderco 204? Come on really best bang for the buck?
At a close out last year I bought a 3 year supply of Mach3 blades for $50.
Zebco 33's
Seiko watches
Leatherman products
A good newspaper
MY library card

Wayne Hendrix, handmade hunting kives.... I make lots of little hunters like he does, can't sellem' for what he does though!!!!
He did an apprenticeship with George Herron.
I have 2 of his knives and they are, in my opinion, The most bang for the buck in a hunting knife!
Old Timer folders in 1095 steel
Ruger 10/22 synthetic
Weaver V9 scope
Starrett 1" micrometer
Silva No. 3 compass
'68 Chevy Impala (four-door)
'84 Honda Accord
registered Maine Coon cat from a good breeder

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Here's my list..:

Buck 110
Gerber LST
Leatherman original tool
Fallkniven A1
Kershaw 1410
CRKT M-16 series
OutDoor edge Magna alum.
Wenger Mechanic

That's just a few of my top pics for the best buy for your buck, none of which I own, although I did have the Gerber and the Wenger at one time, but I sold them.

I need a bigger bucket.
Service #1, Panawal & Mini-Jungle Khukuris from Ghurka House. They would be a bargain even if the price were doubled.

Stiff Kiss from CRKT

The USMC Ka-Bar. One tough and handy SOB.

A 1903-A3 Springfield. An honest-to-God, wood and steel battle rifle.

Mossberg 500 series shotguns.

T/C Hawken and Renegade Muzzleloaders.

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Among other things, including many of the things mentioned above:

Spyderco Lightweight lockbacks - Delica, Endura, et al.

Spyderco kitchen knives.

For a practical cutting knife, dirt cheap:
Frosts of Sweden carbon steel "Clipper", or the Marttiini "All Purpose" forged carbon steel utility knife.

In the high-end range, Wiliam Henry, since their competition is custom knives.

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Mora type knives. I've picked up a few of the Ericksson carbon steel knives, plastic handles and sheaths, and so far they seem a lot nicer than the common SS utility/hunting knives that I've used in the last couple of decades. I'll try the SS models next.

USMC carbon steel Kabar, short or full size.

Wegner Swiss army knives. I'd usually include Victronix too but for some reason there are a bunch of Wegners in our area at about half price.

Victronix 3in paring knife. For about $5 the thin (about 0.05in) serrated blade and smaller plastic handle makes a great little paring knife.

3/4 single bit ax. In the stores they're called a 'boy's ax' but a more macho name is 'limber' or 'cruiser', and although they're the most common 'cruiser' a 'cruiser' is usually a smaller double bit. I have a Collins which cuts, splits and sharpens up well, I think it was $12 a few years ago, but I've noticed that the axes are rarely finished these days.

Bow saw with one of those hardened and ground Danish blades. usually $8 or so. I like my Corona 'Razor' pruning saw well enough, especially since I put about a 16in hickory handle on it, but just the replacement blade is almost 2X what one of the 21in bow saws are.

Sylvannia or Philips PR6 and PR17 flashlight bulbs. They're both 0.3A bulbs, the PR6 is 3V and the PR17 6V, and they allow batteries to last quite a bit longer than when used with typical xenon/halogen bulbs that are offered these days. The PR9s are also great for long life backups as they're 0.15A bulbs. If you're handy the Radio Shack jumbo yellow LEDs also make nice long life lights.

Nicholson hacksaw blades and files. I laughed and shook my head when I sheared all the teeth on a blade from Home Depot when I tried to cut a joist hanger.

Shakespeare 2062 spinning reel. Maybe the best of the older 'cheap reels'. I have some French Mitchell and newer Shimano reels but I've become attached to the 2062, maybe because I've had it for awhile.

Remington 870 Express, about $200 on sale. I prefer bolt action 30.06 rifles for target shooting and hunting, M70s are nice but 1903 Springfields or 1917 Enfields will do too, if I have to an M1 Garand is ok, but 12ga slugs make for a light heavy hitter on critters. I also like shooting pistol but 3in #4 or 00 buck seems to be harder on targets than most pistols that I've seen, $1000 plus .45 race guns included.

Ceramic sharpening sticks. You can get the kits which are easy to use, or just the sticks for about $1 in some places.
Here's my opinion on the best bang(s):
1) Mad Poet knives
2) Spyderco Delica
3) Ruger firearms
4) CS factory seconds