best neck knives?


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Dec 25, 1998
I would like to get some opinions on the best neck knives out there. I really like the REKATs, but they are being discontinued. Can anyone recommend some decent neck knives at a good price that are comparable to the REKATs, if that is possible.

You should consider a Spyderco ASWAT Police neck knife. It's the best I've ever used.
Ive never heard of it. Where do you get one?

Why would the REKAT neck knives being discontinued dissuade you from purchasing one? They are great knives!

If you "just gotta" have stainless,
look into the Mission neck knife that was offered here to furumites.
There are many custom makers now that are using stainless in their neck knives.
If blade steel isn't an issue,
I highly recommend Newt Livesay's knives.
I would look into Hatin T.E.C. knives. I have two of his neck knives and they have to be the sharpest knives I have ever owned! They are in D2 steel with a grey coat. And his prices are good.


I purchased a Polkowski Bodyguard to use as a neck knife. It came with a neck sheath. However, due to the handle, it "prints" on any shirt I wear, other than a sweatshirt. Therefore, in early May, I ordered a Woo from Wicked Knives. I don't have it yet, in part I guess, because I ordered it double ground. When I spoke with Newt again, on Wednesday of this week, I expressed my dismay at the delivery delays. Newt explained they were backed up and said he would throw in a new neck kife called the G45 (Government 45) to make up for the delays. Pretty nice of him huh?

The G45 is not to be found on his web site or catalog because it is new and Newt said he wanted to see how well it would be received. He said he sent a batch out to military units for testing and they seem to like them very much. Newt said the knife will sell for $22 or $25 per copy. When I get mine I'll let you guys know what I think.

I've got a Newt Livesay "Bow Hunting Buddy" and I really like it. I don't care for plain steel handles so I got black micarta all for $45.00. It doesn't leave a print even with a T-shirt on, I thought that it might but it doesn't.
Chris Hatin of Hatin T.E.C. can be reached by phone at (518)695-5700. Great guy to deal with!!


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What are the prices of the Chris Hatin neck knives and what kind of steel does he use?
I am also curious about prices and steel. Those look awesome. What kind of quality is the carrying system?

Personally, I view neck knives as last-ditch weapons (because I'm usually carrying my KFF, Vaquero Grande, or AFCK on me anyway). Having said that, I like to go "light" I carry one of several G10 knives I know, a Mad Dog FF being one of them. My personal favorite is a G10 piece made by Mike Chisum (a protege of Barry Dawson's). 6" overall, 2.5" blade with sharpened false edge, and weighs seriously about 1 oz.!!! And if you don't think that G10 can't cut...guess again! I can sharpen this thing with an emory board, lightly slide it across my forearm, and draw blood. Sure, it loses it's edge quickly, but chances are I'll probably be stabbing you with it than slashing. It's so unnoticeable when I wear it than when I put on one of my traditional (usually 1095)steel knives, I really feel it...
I too am interested in D-2 neck knives. I left a message for Chris Hatin to call me; I’ll post any further info.

On BladeAution I saw a neck knife from Emerson (I think) that looked like a pen and cap on a neck cord. The blade was long and thin, almost like an ice pick. It looked much more concealable than the conventional wide blades you see now. I've searched just about everyone’s web sites, trying to find one, with little luck. The price went over $80+, I thought it was a little high and didn't bid on it. Now I wish I had, I've not seen one like it since.

Chris Hatin uses D2 and a few other tool steels. The kydex sheaths are thicker then the norm and tuff. I am sure he will make any kind of set up you wish, He did for me. The prices for the small neck knife was $85.00 and the larger one was $100.00 I think, It was a while ago. I am not one to hipe up just any knife, they fit in the hand like a glove. Especially the smaller model! And as tuff as hell.


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I have a couple of neck knives, one by Pat Crawford and the other one made by Kevin Wilkins. I like the Wilkins is very well made and I like his designs..I have the Thorn model and mine is made from CPM 420. Also, Kevin is great doing business with and will answer any questions one would have.
If you're picky about materials, I'm sure there are still some ATS-34 versions of the REKAT Fang still out there. I've got one, and it's great. I wouldn't be worried about their discontinuation, that doesn't change the knife's quality. The ATS version's something like $40, plus $10 if you want the extra belt loop attachment. It's well worth all of it, and hey, since REKAT's ditching them, maybe you'll find a good deal somewhere. I've also got a Livesay G-45, I took off the powder coating (it scratched off too easily, anyway--should've used a better coating, but Marine Tuf-cloth takes care of that), and if you're willing to retouch teh grind and resharpen it, it's a good knife for the money (got mine for $22, I think). Moving on, there's always the STIFF KISS (no snickers, please), which I like, though it's quite big for a neck knfe. Let's see, the Neck Jaws from Laci Szabo's supposed to be great, and then there's the La Griffe, both custom and Emerson production version. Both are nice, and I'm looking to get the Emerson version myself (cheaper, 154CM blade). Don't forget the cutsom lovers out there, those who have R.J. Martin knives, Wilkins', Polkowski, etc. All of them, from the overwhelmingly good reviews (taken w/ a grain of salt) given, are also people to take a look at. If you don't mind carrying one in a belt loop fashion and hiding the thing in your pocket, there's the Black Cloud Philippine Box Cutter, which is, though small, a razor thin, razor sharp, deadly trap, hook, cut, thrust and basically eviscerate weapon. That's the only "custom" concealment type blade I've got, but when it comes down to it, judging from my own preferences (medium hands, looking for lightness, sharpness, concealability, cost, materials), and from what others have said as a majority, I'd go with (drum roll) the REKAT Fang, with the La Griffe and Phillipine Box Cutter coming in second and any of Szabo's neck knives coming in third, sipmly b/c I don't have any and I'm going on Laci's rep as a martial artist. I choose these three not only b/c of my personal criteria but b/c of the designers and manufacturers--they're all bad ass martial artists who create their works w/ the true neck knife purpose in mind (at least, what I think it is): defense. Not utility, even though that's nice and could get a cop persuaded to your side, but hell, if he frisks you and finds it concealed, you're screwed, anyway. In fact, Bob Taylor of REKAT was the first to come out w/ the neck knife concept, and he's quitting the Fangs b/c too many others have undersold him, either by using cheaper materials, factory production methods, etc. From what I got, he feels that they took his (REKAT's?) idea and he doesn't want to compete w/ a lower quality (I'm talking production companies, not custom makers) product in the sales department. What the hell was I talking about? Oh yeah, neck knives. Yup, those three choices are designs that have been tested and apparently proven (no bashing to the other guys). So check those out, and the others, too, I'm sure you'll find one, but for the whole package, I think you'll be hard pressed to outdo the Fang. Good luck in your search.
I have a couple of Newt Livesay's neck knives, including his new G45, a real cutie! I've bought a few knives from Newt including two of his neck knives (the SOP and LP models), but he sent me the G45 to see how I liked it (nice guy Newt...). I've used them around the farm here, but I wouldn't be crazy enough to wear them on the street here in California. I'm not in LE or the military, and try not to go places where I'll need a knife for defense, let alone a neck knife. Indeed, the whole concept is a little strange to me in a self defense context. You can't possibly get to a neck knife hidden under a shirt *quickly*, so their use seems to be limited to offensive operations no? Please tell me how it can be otherwise?

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Les Robertson And I are doing a colaboration
on a Krait neck and straight knife. You may want to take a look at them .
The knives are made with 420v steel and carbon fiber scales.
I dont know if there on his page yet. Take a look

Web Site At
Take a look!!!

The STIFF KISS is a pretty decent knife - if you like big square sheaths and blades with no edge holding ability....

Go with the REKAT...
I just got my Utility yesterday. I LOVE it. For a neck knife - it is all you want - and nothing that you dont. Pure. Simple. I would even call it "elegant" in comparison to some "neck knives" I have seen.
They are discontinued - but are still available. Got some while you can!

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!