Best tactical knife for under $100?

If your definition of tactical is basic utility with limited defensive apps - then hands down - the Swedish Fallkniven F1 with Kydex sheath.
For a fixed blade I also recommend the F1. For a folder I would have to recommend:
1.) Spyderco Wegner
2.) REKAT Carnivore
3.) Benchmade AFCK

not necessarily in the order listed above.

Dennis Bible
Or, if you don't want to spend $50.00, get a lg. CRK&T Kasper Folding Fighter. Less than $45.00 and the one I have is the absolute best value for the dollar I've seen yet.
Even with the oft-scoffed (that would be me), AUS-6M blade steel, I got pretty good results in rope cutting tests I conducted recently. I was really quite surprised at the results I obtained. I think it was about 47.5 cuts, (that was the average result of 4 series of cutting tests) in Manila rope before the knife would no longer shave or scrape hair.
Not too shabby by any stretch.
The knife feels good in the hand, for the most part, and the lockup on this knife is TIGHT. It also has the Lake and Walker Knife Safety (L.A.W.K.S.), which really basically makes this knife a fixed blade, IMO.
I am very impressed with the amount of knife that you get for your dollar with this folder. You should go to your local dealer and hold one. I can almost guarantee you'll want it after you handle it.

If you are looking for a fixed blade tactical, I would highly recommend the Fallkniven S-1 Forest knife or the F-1 Survival knife.
The S-1 is really the perfect size knife IMO and is almost a dream come true. Comfortable, affordable, tank tough, great multi-purpose blade profile, not too big so as to be comfy riding on the hip, great edge holding VG10 Stainless steel and the steel can be made sssscary sharp with not much effort. These statements can easily be applied to the F-1 too. Outstanding knife for the $$.
I'm mucho happy with Fallkniven's efforts in the fixed blade arena. Can you tell?

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You might also want to try the CRKT M-16 series knives. They are heavy solid knives that give you a lot of bang for the buck.
You can find the Emerson cqc-7, which retails around $140.00 at some internet knife stores for $100.00 or less. I have one and love it.

I believe you may also find the Benchmade 730 Ares on the net for about $100.00 or so. I have not actually handled one yet, but I have heard great things.

good luck

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Hi, for a fixed blade, John Greco's knives are hard to beat. You can find a pretty good selection of them at Hammerhead Knives.
Regarding what you have in mind saying "tactical knife".
If it should be a large folder for urban concealed carry with primarily utility and secondarily defensive purposes - think about BM AFCK, SPYDERCO Military, CRKT M-16 or Point Guard, BM 710 (if you prefer tip-up carry).
If it should be a folder which serves primarily as defensive tool think about BM 730 Ares, SPYDERCO Starmate, CRKT Kasper Folding Fighter or Mirage Gray Ghost.
If you need a fixed blade suitable for urban concealed carry - BM Nimravus Cub, SPYDERCO Bill Moran Featherweight, Boker - Bud Nealy Specialist or Fallkniven WM would serve you quite well.
In outdoors conditions you can't go wrong with BM Nimravus, Fallkniven S1 or F1.
However I would make my choice basing mostly on handling and carrying comfort and on blade steel and another options - on second place.

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland