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Best Tactical Production Folder US$200 and under

Oct 30, 2000
As the topic descibes, I am looking for a folding knife which will cost me below US$200
nothing more then that...what do you guys think is the best for the buck??

as for the companies I have in preference, they are: Microtech, Al Mar, Benchmade, Emerson, or any in that high-end category.
I have a feeling that many people would recomend the Microtech LCC to me, but I have that piece already, so that is not an option to me.

What I am looking for is a folder, with a reasonably good blade eg: ats34/154cm/bg42,
preferably has a bolster, and has scales made of either carbon fibre, or something that has a more elegant look...

could someone give me some suggestions??
thanks in advance~!!

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Aside from having starkly functional scales as opposed to elegant, the MT SOCOM Elite is a great knife for under 2 bills.

It has a 4" blade, CM 154, is built like a tank, is light weight, and cuts like crazy. It is my daily carry, whether I'm wearing jeans or a suit. You might take a look at that one. I've not handled the others you're considering so I can't comment. Jack
I just bought a REKAT Carnivore that has a Carbon fiber handle, ATS-34 and I have actually ordered two more. All three lock up tight, are very sharp and fit in my pocket and hand like they were designed for me.

I would highly recommend their product
For something a bit elegant, check out the Spyderco Viele. The blade is a bit over 3" and of VG-10 which I find to work very well. It has black Micarta Scales, and the front one is cut away to produce the look of a bolster. I am very impressed with this knife, and it is my daily carry on campus because it doesn't frighten the sheeple as much while still being a good amount of knife if I ever need it.
I have these few knives under consideration:

Microtech® Socom (tanto)
Microtech® Kestrel
Microtech® Vector
Buck® Strider
Benchmade®(NEW Elishwitz collabration)
Benchmade® Stryker
Al Mar® SERE2000
SOG® Tomcat
Spyderco® LUM TANTO
Emerson® Commander
Mission® MPF
Boker® Delta Ceramic
kindly add to this list folks, so that I can get my knife as soon as possible

what I am looking for most importantly is that the blade should be of a good metal, have a strong lock, the liners should not be easily squeezed together, should be of good quality, something in the Microtech® class..
thanks in advance

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Any of those Microtech's would be a good choice. If size is important, the SOCOM is larger than the Kestrel or Vector.
Well, since you seem to be leaning towards MT, why not an LCC. Best knife they put out if you want my opinion.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by tique:
Well, since you seem to be leaning towards MT, why not an LCC. Best knife they put out if you want my opinion.</font>

If you read my initial post, it mentions that the LCC already exists in my arsenal. thus it is not in my to-be-purchased-knife list..~!thanks!~ anyway for the suggestion....

Is there any reason why the VECTOR is more expensive then the KESTREL? besides the factor of the limited-vs-production ? what is the reason why this knife is more expensive?
I know that the vector has more complicated blade grings, but does that really cost so much more??

as for my knife purchase, I am currently leaning towards the Socom Elite, and the Kestrel

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[This message has been edited by linjunpei (edited 01-25-2001).]
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by linjunpei:
What I am looking for is a folder, with a reasonably good blade eg: ats34/154cm/bg42,
preferably has a bolster, and has scales made of either carbon fibre, or something that has a more elegant look...

Ya know what. I read this part and completely ignored that you mentioned the LCC above it, my bad. Just sounds like exactly what you were after.

My original vote for the Viele still stands, the new version of it is a beautiful knife, might be a little small from the looks of your list though.

The new Benchmade you are speaking of by Elishewitz is the 690 I believe. It is a VERY nice piece, I have handled 2 of them and was quite impressed. That would be an excellent choice if you were looking for something dressy with a bit of tactical to it.

I also have wondered about the MT Vector/Kestral pricing thing. It may have something to do with the designer of the Vector having his name on it vs. the Kestral designed either internally at MT or by an unnammed party(on the knife at least).
A second LCC.

These knives define "bang for buck" IMHO.

Anyway, the SERE2000 or Spyderco Lum would be my suggestions.

Then again, the Viele in VG-10 is a serious nice piece, just might be a little smaller than what you specified, as tique said. If you haven't handled one, you might be missing out on one I believe every knifenut should own. Unless you're a lefty- to whom the Viele is not very friendly.

Have fun looking!


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Spyderco Wegner. Yes I said Wegner, excellent tactical knife.

Another would be the Gunting. A lot of thought went into this one.

Dennis Bible

I love my REKAT Carnivore and Spyderco Military. I wouldn't hesitate recommending either knife. Some have commented on liner lock problems with the Military, but my is fine, try and inspect it first if you can.Happy knife hunting.

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If you really, really shop around and do not include shipping and are flexible by a dollar or ten on your limit then the run-away winner has to be the AlMar SERE 2000, and a spare!
I have an MT LCC, a SOCOM Elite and a SERE 2000. I also rank them in that order. If you want Microtech quality, get a Microtech.
Buy the SOCOM Elite AT, it's awesome.
Spyderco Military
Spyderco Wegner
Spyderco Lum, you have a choice now with the Lum G-10 or for something more elegant Titanium.

I have all of them and would feel comfortable with any of them for tactical purposes
Spyderco Military or the BM AXIS 710 in M2.

Both are great knives for little money!

Well you know what I mean!


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A few useful details on UK laws and some nice reviews!
hey guys...thanks for your input, guess what I did?
I bought the Microtech® SOCOM ELITE, an Emerson® SPECWAR, a Spyderco® Civilian, and an Emerson® SARK.
thanks for the input folks...
I am pretty impressed with the knives I bought, especially with the SPECWAR...

For the time being, I will try to build up on my Emerson® knives collection...

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I didn't see if someone answered your earlier question about price difference in MT Kestrel and Vector. The Vector costs more due to the difficult blade grind. I have both of these knives and think they are excellent. But both blades are kind of small if your looking for something for self defense.
Heck, for under $200 you could buy BOTH Cold Steel Gunsite Folders (5 inch Gunsite and 4 inch Gunsite II), and STILL have enough $ left-over to buy yourself a Spyderco Sharpmaker, to keep ALL your knives sharp with.

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