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What is the stuff people use to lcean marks off their knife, such as light rust spots and such? Is it tuff Cloth or something like that? Can't quite remeber what it is. Just looking to wipe down some rust spots on a knife I have. Also, for knives such as a Cold Steel SRK and such, when you get white stuff on the black coating (happens a lot) what the best way to remove it? Just wiping it takes a while, was wondering if something gets rid of it easier than water and a rag....
I just got some TuffCloths from :
They cost $6 each.

Flitz works great too.... I got some of that from my hardware store.

TuffCloths will lubricate as well as clean. Flitz won't lubricate, but it's great to use as a polish.

Try both!

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?
To polish up my users, I borrow a dab of Mother's Mag Polish from my neighbor who uses it by the gallon on his Harley. That bike is a gleam machine. That one bike has more chrome than Chevrolet used in the entire 1956 model year.

For my collectibles, I will occationally try a bit of WD40. Given a few minutes and a bit of rubbing with a soft cloth, it actually will remove rust without damage in many cases. It also will nicely remove most sticky residues and such and I've never seen it attack anything.

In general, no collectible knife should ever be polished. There was a piece on E-bay this last week that closed rather low. A nice and rare knife, but shinny bright which it was not originally. The seller bragged in his text about how he'd polished off the rust and dirt and how nice the knife now looked. What he didn't, obviously, realize is that what he did with his polish was to ruin a valuable knife.


In my experience with cleaning knives, it all depends on the blade steel and finish... If you are talking about a bead blast finish, then a simply Tuff-Cloth will do. Bead blast, although known to rust like nuts because of it's pitted surface texture, is also the easiest to clean rust of off by that same feature. Satin Finish, I would reccomend using some oil (Tuff-Glide, 3-In-One, depending on the and then a Tuff-Cloth.

I use all kinds of things to clean my knives, depending on how important they are to me and what I have at hand of course. It ranges from knife-specific products to like Brasso and sand-paper. If this is a knife you care about, then stick with the Tuff line of products, and apply some 3-In-One oil every now and then to drudge up dirt (turns into black sludge, wies away clean, then should add more to lubricate the now clean steel).

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