BFC accounting/stats for last month

Feb 4, 1999
I am bored and thought it would be interesting to see what type of posts comprise most of the postings in a month in BFC's main forum. Here are the results, which are somewhat difficult to compile since there aren't exact definitions for each type of post content:
First of all, there were 163 different topics from the last 30 days.
1) Questions/info about particular knives, products, or brands- this category basically comprises all questions about specific products that are more general than review requests and that sort of thing (i.e. "What do you think about Lansky Sharpeners?")- 33 topics.
2) General discussion/off-topic/shooting the breeze- anything that is general discussion like about knife shows, who is in what state and where, introducing yourself to other members, etc- 35 topics.
3) Technical questions- mainly on steel and lock types, also handle materials, etc- 31 topics
4) Laws/politics/knife-user's rights- 2 topics.
5) Commercial postings- announcements about new products, pics of new products, advertisements- 9 topics.
6) What you carry, where you carry it, how you carry it, how you use it- 9 topics.
7) Reviews of knives, comparisons, or requests thereof- 12 topics.
8) (I'm out of space on my crappy text browser, so I have to put these all together...) Polls of whatever type (blade geometry, handle materials, etc)- 7 topics. Which knife is best (i.e. "What's the best hunting knife?" or "If you could only have 50,000 knives, which would the be...?")- 6 topics. 10) Fantasy technical features, "what if" (i.e. "Anyone want an integral lock Military?")- 2 topics. 11) Is this possible to find, if so who makes it?- 4 topics. 12) BFC announcements (i.e. "The winner is...")- 8 topics. I thought It was interesting, and several subjects show up multiple times, such as how to strop knives and what the merit of doing so is.

My Custom Kydex Sheath page
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On Two Wheels
bored, bored? you're bored?! don't you have some sheaths to make for a certain fan of the famous "Chyro the sheath wizard?" what about studying for those boards? all done with that, are we? if not, let's get cracking on those books...just remembering some of what my father used to say. interesting idea, i must say..
Gimme a break...I just spent 9-5 at the bike shop wrenching, so I deserve a few minutes of down-time, Dad!

My Custom Kydex Sheath page
Palmer College of Chiropractic
On Two Wheels
Compiling all those stats isn't down time!!!
This sounds like one of those compulsive disorders........ You better make a sheath!