BF's guts...

Jan 21, 1999
Mike posted this URL, and I thought it interesting reading for all...

Did you know that BF was visited even by someone in Yugoslavia last month?

... and that we have lurkers from practially all corners of the world?

Check this out (as if we didn't have enough interesting things to read):

remember, we all have a point!

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WOW we even traced the IP back to a Slobodan Milosevic. Anyone know this lurker?

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Mike Turber
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I don't know about the lurker, but I hope they like BladeForums! I wouldn't want you and Spark to have to spend extra time worrying about hackers.

We've been seeing an awful lot of port scans, anonymous ftp attempts and email virus attacks lately. I believe the international traffic is both good and bad. Let's hope the knife enthusiasts are only after good information!

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