Big Bowie Bliss

Oct 2, 1998
The Brown Truck (don't we just love The Brown Truck) just stopped by to deliver to me my first Randall knife.

I've wanted a Randall since I started getting heavily into knives, but there was always something else that caught my eye. Well my wife and my 22ed wedding anniversary is this weekend, and when she asked me what I wanted and I naturally said "a knife" and she said "I don't know what kind of knife to buy you" I said "no problem". I wanted a knife that would stand out as something I'd remember as coming from my beloved even though I ordered it. I figured now was the time for a Randall.

I had a Randall catalogue laying around from about a year ago, and started perusing it. I've been lusting after a Model 1 for sometime and thought that would be the ticket.

I've heard good things about Nordic Knives so I gave Dave Harvey a call after giving his web site a good going over. When I spoke to Dave I found he had very few Randalls in stock, the demand is so high that of the fifty he would take delivery of that day forty eight were already spoken for. If I wanted a Model 1 I'd have to order it and wait until mid-august for delivery. I've been intrigued by the Model 1's history and mystique so I ordered one with a Desert Ironwood handle brass guard, spacers, and butt cap.

I still wanted something for my anniversary, and asked Dave to look through his inventory for something unique. He had a few hunters but I don't hunt. There was a double-edged 4" stiletto with a leather handle, but I wanted something a little fancier. Then he said he had a Combat Bowie with brass forward curved guard, and spacers, and a Crown Stag Handle that was very special. This seemed just about right.

Here's what Nordic Knives has to say about the Combat Bowie:

This is a non-catalog knife designed in 1986 by Bob Gaddis and Gary Randall.
The term "Combat Bowie" is our own (Randall calls it the 12-9" with a Model 14 grind).
It is simply a 9" (1/4" stock) forging of the "Sportman's Bowie" specially ground to
The Model 14 blade shape. The finished blade has a fine heft in the
hand, with the desirable slightly blade-heavy feel.

The Knife I received has a 9" 01 blade with a 4" sharpened false edge. The fit and finish are fantastic. The Crown Stag is quite beautiful while being comfortable in the hand. Weight and balance are impressive.

I'm quite taken with my new baby. Now if I can just figure out how to wear it to the restaurant Saturday night when we go out to celebrate without scaring away the other patrons I'd be even happier.. Any Ideas?

Are there any Randall collectors here? Tell me about your Randalls. Does anyone else have a Combat Bowie?

"Every Dog Has His Day"

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Hi Lucky Dog. Yes I own quite a few Randalls including a Combat Bowie witha finger groove micarta handle. My favorite however is a Model 1 sawteeth blade, but instead of the sawteeth on the back, I had Randall sharpen the spine almost back to the guard. In other words, it is a double-edged Model 1. A unique Randall, with a beautiful grind. Enjoy yours, and Happy Anniversary. So, what did you get your wife?
Oh don't worry Pigsticker I took care of the wife, she got one pair of white gold earrings with diamond chips, one yellow gold pair of hoop earrings, and a pearl choker necklace. She usually does pretty well and doesn't have too many complaints.

The only negative thing she had to say was that she didn't like my new knife as it was too big, which made me like it all the more.

"Every Dog Has His Day"