Big knife test almost complete

Feb 4, 1999
Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up on that fixed blade knife test I've been working on. It's been slow but sure, and I am getting close to being done. Expect it in another week or so. To remind people the test compares 10 small fixed blade knives, mainly in utility use, and covers everything from cosmetic looks, to sheaths, to performance. I am trying something new by tabulating results of each evaluation in a table, so that should make a quick browse possible. Most people know I suffer from diarrhea of the mouth, so expect a LONG, detailed review. In addition to using tables I am also grading the knives for each category on a relative scale, where the best performing knife in that category receives a "10" and the rest are graded relative to this. Lemme know if you think this is a good or a bad idea. The knives being tested are:

Sean Perkins Scaetha
S.P. Seraph
S.P. Herveste
Emerson La Griffe
Running Dog Knives Little Pup
RDK Little Camper
Jens Anso Personal Sheepfoot (kit)
Allen Blade Chipmunk
Something from Chris Hatin (haven't received it yet)

I'll tell you right now that each of these knives is a good buy in it's own right, so purchasing any of them would be a great investment! Look for the review soon, and hopefully I have a few people salivating?

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you do a great job reviewing! At least one of the knives I've purchased happened because of a review of yours, and I psyched myself into finishing a kit (Mike Irie drop point) after seeing what you did with your Cetan kit. I'll be glued to the screen!
yeah yeah - I also was lured into buying the Busse # 7 because of your review....

keep up the good work.