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Bill Bagwell inspired Ontario "Hell'sBell Bowie

Feb 13, 2000
Hi out there,
I am new to this foram, and am really glad I found it. I do love steel.
My question to you all out there is this. How good do you feel the new Hells Bell from Ontario Cutlery is? I really like the look of it , but is it a good knife? I have always had a fondness for Bill Bagwell"s work, but it is out of my price range. The Ontario seems a way to at least get close to the effect. Let me know what you think out there. Thanks. Later.................

Looking forward to mine on a trade. Do a search. The reviews seem to be good. The function/purpose is there from the custom version.

Also Bill Bagwell himself has made a showing in Knifeforums, in James Keating's, to discuss a bit about his opinion on the bowie. Check it out.

AKTI #A000356