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Birthday Blade?


Jan 8, 1999
Recently my father has become a casualty of my addiction, and has requested a knife for his day of aging. Specifically, a folder, with a tanto blade of no longer than 4', that can take a serious beating.

My thoughts are: Cold Steel Folder, and Benchmade Stryker... any other suggestions?

Two thoughts, the BM stryker is my favorite knife of all the factory folders I've ever played with. It is an example of all of the strengths of the linerlock, and fit's my hand perfectly.

The other idea would be, if you live ina spring friendly state, the James Brothers Cheyanne. It's a bit more than the Stryker(~$250) but I've never heard a single negitive about it.

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Want a folder for your dad that can take a serious beating? Get him a REKAT Pioneer Tanto, preferably the older model IMHO. Check out the bladeauctions, since they usually have a REKAT or two on their auction.

Good luck and tell your dad happy B-Day from us