BK&T Companion

Oct 2, 1999
Can someone tell me how this knife performs?

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My companion arrived about two weeks ago along with a cold steel peace keeper. The fella I ordered the peace keeper for, Dave, was really anxious to get his new knife but he turned all bug eyed and giggly when he saw the companion. Our beer drinking redneck buddy John said, "that's a baaaaaaad knife."

First, what I don't like about it. The inside of your thumb rubs against the handle and can get pretty sore. I'm thinking about filing it down a bit, or maybe wrapping it with some bicycle handle wrap. The blade is thick, way too thick for neat slicing and chopping jobs. When I chopped into a 2x4 it seemed like the thick blade had trouble sinking in. Also, the balance was just about on my front finger so I couldn't get as strong a chop as with a more front heavy knife.

What I did like - in the order these impressions occurred. First, it looks great. Second, the sheath is sweeeeet. Third, that sucker was sharp. Fourth, and heavy too. Fifth, the companion is NOT a sharpened prybar
My prybar's not that thick
Sixth, the handles are bolted on. Seventh, if you take the handles off and drill some holes you can move the balance point forward and really improve its chopping performance. Eighth, if you put it in a vice and pull as hard as you can it barely flexes, even with all those holes in the handle. Ninth, at internet dealer prices, it's a bargain.

Ouch! Dang, that's sharp!