Black Jack Knife Collector's

Oct 10, 1998
I am looking for a head count of fellow BlackJack collectors. I have been thinking that we should get some sort of group together in order to share information. Sorry about the post in the custom forum Les. I thought I was in the genral forum here at the time. I guess that is what happens when you have three windows up at once heh.


Tom Carey
I don't consider myself a collector of anything (although there is considerable debate about that at times) but I have several Blackjack knives because I have always thought of them as one of the best if not the best factory knife available.Their convex edge cuts effortlessly and is strong, a hard combination to beat.I am always on the lookout for more for the kids.
Tom, I don't know that I'd consider myself a serious BJ "collector" since I generally wind up using them. Nevertheless, I do have half a dozen or so & I keep an eye open for others. You wouldn't have an Anaconda II that I could steal from you, would ya?

I'm not a collector but I'm always on the lookout for some of the better utility shapes. If any of you have a BJ Squad Leader (A2, convex blade, micarta handle) in good shape I might be interested. That knife had another name depending on whether or not it had a buttcap. I want to say it was something like "Scout"? It was very much like a Randall mdl 19, only done in A2 with a convex grind. (yee-haw) Either way I'd be happy to entertain thoughts of purchase or trade for a NIB chesnut handled Chuukar. (like a Randall mdl 21)

As far as BJ in general goes, although their QC did slip towards the end, they were for a time what I consider the epitomy of the ideal production company in that they used classic designs and good materials and kept the prices and the availability reasonable enough for working class folks to buy them and use them. I'm simply amazed that there aren't more knife companies who will make production knives out of such fine stuff as A2, 52100, etc.

Sorry guys. I don't have either of the knives you are looking for. Yes the quality did slip towards the end. I do consider myself a collector of them but there are some that I use as well. My favorite is a Trailguide whith micarta and no butt cap. It is marked one of a kind. It is a great letter opener/box cutter. I used to use it work quite a bit.

I've got a lot of Blackjacks and would perhaps be interested in getting more. Ihave about six thumb peg liner lock folders with a blade shape similar to a Spike but wider. They are unmarked but when a bought them I was told they were Blackjack Donnybrooks. They appear to be well made with a sort of rounded off coffin shaped handle with black micarta scales and bolsters. Most are very difficult to open using the stud. Is anyone familiar with this knife ? Also, any suggestions for loosening the action a bit?



The BlackJack knives I have are from the earlier days, before the natural and micarta handle hunting style models. I've got a Panga bush knife, Simba, Viking Raider Axe and a 5" mamba. I also have a heavy 8-10"er called the Brute(I think) made by Becker Knife&Tool(aka BlackJack). I have what is 'supposed' to be a Rhinehardt(?) Combat Kukri from them, but the quality of materials and finish of the one I received was on par with gardening tools from a hardware store. For a long time(back then) I searched for one of their original line of mid-sized kukri fighters with no luck.
I don't know if I would buy any more BJ's, just because I try to primarily purchase knives that are carry-legal in my state.


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I do not know much about those but saw one at the auction that was messed up so it was scrapped. Would you be interested in parting with one of those?
If ever want to sell that Viking Raider Axe let me know. My best friend is looking for one. I have seen those Rhinehardt kukris and was not impressed. They had some blanks at the auction. The Brute was a BK&T knife btw.
It appears no one is claiming to be an actual collector but me but some of you sure have a good start on a collection!


Tom Carey

My meager "collection" consists of an Anaconda I, a Blackmoor Dirk, a Wasp, and a lightweight folding Mamba. Plus, of course, the Archangel I got from you.
(BTW, I just completed a new high-ride leather sheath for it.)

I have just about every Blackjack Pattern ever made. Some of the Classic Blades towards the end were just regrind of existing blades, so I dont have any penchant for them.

The early custom series floats my boat.

Warner-Morans, Warner-Loveless, Koji Hara Mini-Mambas, Large USA Mambas, Archangels with cocobolo, stag, etc.

Thats the really GOOD blackjack stuff that I own.

Looking for a Kampa, and also a Wasp 2.

That will complete my Blackjack Collection.
(whew, over 100 now....)


Anthony P. Lombardo
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I was in the Cutlery Shoppe here near Boise, Idaho today, and saw about 10-20 Blackjack knives in their store, not in their catalog or web site. Call (208) 884-7563 and ask for Dave Carlin. You can tell him Bruce Woodbury turned you on to him, if you want to.

The Archangel was one of those models that I wished I had picked up "way back when". I recently bought one of the standard models from Tom Carey & I'm delighted to finally have one. (Thanks again, Tom.)

I occasionally see one with cocobolo, stag, etc. handles but I have no objective idea of what they might be worth. Do you have an estimate of the fair market value of these non-standard Archangels that you could share?

Hi all:

A friend has been searching for a "Brute" to use for camping. Any ideas where a decent user might be found?


I was thinking about putting together sort of a file of info on BlackJack knives here. I would like to collect pictures and info on every knife ever made by BlackJack. Since there were many this may be hard to do. I was thinking of putting together a web site that could be used as a reference guide to collector's. At the very least I myself would like to have as much info as I can get. Is this something any of you would be interested in? Do any of you have pic's that you can email? I will be taking pictures of everything I have in the very near future and scanning them into my computer. I would be more than glad to exchange pictures and info with anyone interested. I am hoping to at least start on photographing what I have this weekend. What does everyone think?


Tom Carey
Tom, I think I could part with one of the folders. A trade perhaps? I like your idea of the catalog. I've probably got about 25-30, everything from the big mamba to small folders. I have multiples of some and would be willing to part with them preferably in a trade but will consider selling. I have no idea of values and want to be fair to both myself and whomever I'm dealing with so the idea of a knife for a knife appeals to me more.

Hello all. I currently have 2 Black Jacks, a TrailGuide in stag of A2 that is I think the best hunting blade produced, and a stag handled 1-7 marked display sample on the blade. The sheath is virtually unused except for moving the knife in and out. This too has a really nice premium stag hanlde that curves down to align the spine with your wrist. Truthfully though it feels like a natural in the left hand. Can get used to it in the right hand but better in the left. It is a right handed sheath so I assume it is supposed to be a right handed knife. Both are convex ground and razor sharp. keep'em sharp
I would be interested in some sort of trade. I know what you mean about it being hard to put a price on things. I have a subhilt skinner that they made about 50 of. I may be interested in some sort of trade. You can email me and I will send you a pic.

The Trail guid is my favorite. In fact I keep one in my desk here that is a great box and letter opener.
Have you ever thought about writing some sort of reference guide or book on BlackJack knives? I think down the road there might be enough interest in it. I know I would buy a copy or two.


Tom Carey
I can't say I qualify as a collecter yet I only have 3 folders and 8 sheith knives.
I am however interested in learning all I can as well as purchasing more in the future.


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Many thanks to Bruce for pointing out that the retail storefront arm of Cutlery Shoppe has some BJ knives that aren't in the current flyer. While they didn't have exactly what I wanted, they did have several BJ models to choose from including some TrailGuides , both fixed and folding Mambas, a Viking Raider , some 1-7's, some daggers and fighters, etc.

I wound up ordering a faux ivory (Micarta) handled Trail Guide. They also have leather handled TG's for less $$
Any lead as to who still sells BlackJack knives on the internet besides Knife center?