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Black Micart GW rebirth

Jun 14, 2006
After longing for my Black G-10 GW to show... I hit the sauce with the Black Micarta I have here.

(I put some oil on it)

The Sauce seems to help everything!! My wife even looks better after a little of the magic bubbly. :)

You Warden sure looks nice - mine could use a little bit of an oil rubdown - her gray is showing though a bit more than I like.

The Black Micartas are nice lookers - thank s for the pic!
Black scales looks real nice with the oil rubba dubba. The tiger warden looks real nice too, with a little oil rubbed on.:D :thumbup:
I love the combo of satin with black! This handles look nice with the oil on it!:thumbup:
Tony G, That looks nice! What type of oil did you ?

Just mineral oil from the drug store.

What really looks good is to leave it on for say two days and then lightly wash the knife with dish soap. All the high spots of the micarta go a bit gray and the rest stays black. Then it shows a lot of detail.

Thanks for that tip TONY G ! will try that on one of mine. cool.
That's a nice way to dress up a good lookin knife.

Thanks for the info.

I'll have to try that with mine.