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Blackjack Stalker or Trail Guide?

Oct 20, 1998
I have come across a very good offer on these knives, the BlackJack models Stalker and Trailguide, both with cestnut handles. Does anyone here have any experience of these items? They are mine for $55 a piece.
I would sincerely appreciate any comments on them. An other question: The bladesteel used in the Trailguide is A-2. What kind of steel is this and what does it compare to?


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Hi Cuz,
The prices seem to be pretty fair retail prices. I remember when the Trail Guid came out (Leather Washer Handle) and some specials could be found at 45.00. The wholesale catalogs of 1997 show a price of
49.98 on the chestnut handled Stalker and 54.98 on the Trail Guide. The knives IMHO were excellent for the money. Currently they are experiencing a good bit of collector demand mostly due to the fact that BlackJack Knives went out of business. Only the future will tell as far as a steady collector demand. The prices seem pretty good to me (especially if you really like the knife). I have never used either model so I’ll leave the A2 comments to someone more knowledgeable. Hope this helps.

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If memory serves the Trailguide uses A2 steel. Not sure about the other one, but if it were my choice I'd go with the A2 blade!

Thank you for sharing your mighty knowledge with me

Oh, I forgot to mention the usual retail price on these in Sweden, which would be about $120.
So, I guess $55 should be considered a fairly good deal

I really want to know if I'm about to miss an opportunity...

...And I am still a bit unsure!

More ínfo, please, folks!!!


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