Blade auction denial???

Jul 2, 1999

I tried signing up at blade and was denied. When I asked them why, their reply was "do you like mike turber?" Can anyone tell me what this means.


Louis Buccellato

TMW, did you use the same handle you do here in BF?

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That's a bunch of ****!!! -AR

Who doesn't like Mike T.??? -AR

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TMW, I’d only be guessing. Since BF has started it’s own auction, perhaps there is some animosity at Blade Auction for forum members? I don’t really know. I’ve had positive contact with Josh regarding some matters. ,maybe if you contact him directly he can help.Or, use a different handle.Rgds
Not sure why that has happended. I am a pretty fair guy and have no hard feelings against Josh's business practices. My differences with Josh have been over the last 2 years with the things he has done on the internet. No reason to rehash it here.

Also if I wanted to I could delete all links to his site which appear on this site. But I have not and will not.

This site and the auction are basically member driven. What ever you guys want I will try my best to do. The auction is just another feature of this site. If Josh feels it is competition then that is fine. But to send back an email like that is pretty low.

Have fun.....

Over the next few months you will see a lot of new things comming to the interent from my direction. I have changed the entire focus of my business to reflect the new direction. The Auction is just step one and the auction will get HUGE really fast!

Maybe it is the simple 1,2,3 Fee structure I use. Our auction site is the best buy for sellers and that may be waht Josh is feeling. If our lower rates cause him to lower his then guess what. You all win!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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I sent an email...we'll see what kind of reply I get. -AR

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- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

Hey, don't feel bad TMW, I WAS a I can't even log in anymore. I went to hit my Auction Watch and I don't exist!! Damn!! At least I got the one knife I was trying for (sorta one-sided the auction by being the only bidder). But now I can't even bid!! So, I said the hell with it, I'll go to the new auctions at Bladeforums....I have a Hotmail account, need I say more?? @#$%@#$%!!! I'm just glad Mike an Spark grandfathered me over when they did the change. Thank you (no sarcasm, honest thanks, Mike). I'm working on getting a new email account so I can go into BladeAuction!!! Faithful Forumite Dave Tobias
I cant believe someone would be so childish, just when you think your days of playground arguements are over, someone gets sand on their lolipop :). If blade auctions keeps up this childish behavior, We should spread the word.


Louis Buccellato

Well...I just got the email. Here is how it went...sorry, don't know how to quote.

...Yes I have a problem w/ mike truber and no I don't have a problem w/ 3000 knife wielding forumites...

So there it is. I don't know what to think. -AR
Wow, if there is one person on this forum who is screams honesty and integrity above all others, it would have to be Mike Turber. He asked me not to attack someone (see "eBAY Hilarity) and was totally polite and understanding about it. Personally, I was surprised I didn't get kicked off! Most administrates take NOT reading the rules seriously, but Mike was just abut as nice as they come in handling the issue. Forget the issue of whether it's ethical to have the sale of rendition automatics the basis of starting an auction site, it is simply (as another member posted in this very thread) CHILDISH to do what this guy did. Erase a members profile and feedback? Throw around disdain for someone to anyone remotely affiliated with that person? It all seems so, well, devoid of class. Sorry to say it, and if this needs to be edited then feel free to let me know or do so yourself (I know Mike isn't against free speech OR expression, just bad feelings on his forum), but I am definitely not going to go back to Blade Auctions EVER again. I don't like, nor do I need a rendition ANYTHING, and I can get everything else on eBAY, from MJS Knives, or right here...


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[biting my tongue]


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I think that Mike and Spark are to web forums what Sal and Spyderco are to knife business/customer service. I have dealt with Spark and Sal and more honest gentlemen can not be found. I just wish my local Toyota Dealership would take some lessons.
That was for you Kevin!
Just for my own clarity and not intending to throw brick bats is this the same Josh as Pioneer Valley Knife & Tool?

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I guess if you think about it money can replace an interest. You can tell who truly enjoys what they're doing. But pulling something like that to a respected person is bound to create unnecessary conflict. I have just revived my knife hobby after many years due to the availability of autos. And of course the www. I don't think of these interactive sites as dollar signs but I can understand that there are those that do and I appreciate it. Just leave the back-biting behind the scenes where your average Joe don't see it. To involve someone else with a lot of virtual friends is self destructive. I think I will change my AKA at the auction house from the same one I have here so I am still allowed to participate there. I did "meet" some decent people there and it can be fun. Anyway, from what I've seen the final bids can way exceed prices from good, solid bladeforum or bladeauction type people.
Just a reminder - so far this thread has been civilized, mostly, and let's keep it that way.

Maybe the folks here can even overcome my doubts as to whether it is possible to have a really constructive discussion on this subject here, given the history and lineage of knife forums on the Web.

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My BladeAuction auction-watch still works. Can't imagine that Josh would deny access to BF members. I think things have been kind of hectic up there since Pete quit last week.
I don't see any reason why Josh would deny anybody access just because he likes/doesn't like Mike Turber.

Louis - when you wrote them to ask why you were denied access to the site, did you mention anything about Mike? maybe as a reference?

I've been exchanging emails with him over the last few days/weeks, and we're basically just chatting, not even involving knives. I find Josh to be an honest dealer and a good friend. I see Mike and Spark in the same way, too. Like Mike said, there's no need to open old wounds, so let's just leave it at that. Chances are, Josh was just joking when he wrote that, but from what Mark wrote above, I'm thinking that he might have his hands full, operating the site on his own, and keeping track of everything. Been there, done that, and I was a tech support for a company back then... imagine the things I wrote which even I was surprised a few days later when they showed me. My only reaction was "I wrote that?!?"

He knows that I'm a very active forumite here at BFC. If that was his reason for denying access to the other forumites, then I would have been kicked out as well. Let's let it cool down for a while, the guy obviously is still adjusting to the pressures that are up these days. I haven't heard from him for a couple of days now, so I know something must be wrong.