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Blade finish gettin worn off help needed


Jul 15, 1999
Hey there I posted a couple of days ago about my kydex sheath scratchin my new ka-bar blade. Well the next generation finish i wearing off after 2 days and the finish is almost gone just the bare stainless steel is showing. And that is only after 2 days what should i do with that part of the knife? Is there a finish or product i can use so that it isnt jsut bar steel? Help please! Thanks
try tuff-cloth or marine tuff-cloth to coat the blade.


I wish I had seen this before. I just ordered one of these (plain edge & leather sheath).

What kind of finish does it have that is wearing off? In their ads they say a bead blasted "passivated" finish. I would have thought that is just a matte finish.

Is there a coating of some sort wearing off or are you just getting polished spots from the sheath?

BTW, I hope it's easier to sharpen than some of my other stainless knives.

Oderint dum metuant
i am facing the same problem with you...juz that this ain't only happening to Ka-Bar knives....can someone advice me on wherether it is possible to return the knives to the manufacturer to recoat the blade...and if not,what should i do????????

Usually the easier the coating is to put on the easier it will come off and eventually all of them come off if you use the blade. Allen Blade made a very reasonable comment awhile back that while his coating might not be as durable as some, HC, TiN, he can put it back on very fast and it will last a decent amount of time. Contact whoever it is that made your blade and ask them, they may be able to refinish it.


Yep thats why i use the Clear hardcoat i use, also sounds like the sheath you have isn`t made very well if it causes that kind of degradation to the blade in only 2 days.
You might think of getting a better Kydex sheath for it. as far as the finish on your Kabar,,,just re bead blast it. :cool:

my .02

Allen Blade