Blade-Tech tour and a Wegner FB?


Nov 4, 1998
Well, my family and I drove back home to visit the my family in Washington, and thru some family ties, I was able to get a tour thru Tim Wegner's Blade-Tech shop.

Tim's a truly outstanding individual, extremely down-to-Earth, and very willing to share ideas and information regarding his work. Those of you not familiar with what Blade-Tech offers, really need to keep an eye out for what they offer. Tim and his shop are masters with kydex (and Concealex) sheath and holster systems.

Tim also showed me his prototype drawing of his new fixed blade Wegner-designed knife (possibly in CPM-440V). He estimates the unveiling at this years Blade Show in Atlanta...definatly one to look for!

Well, thanks again Tim for the tour...and best of luck; keep us posted on your new FB.