Blade to handle ratios

Jan 11, 1999
Many 4" folders have a handle in the 5 1/4" range; AFCK, Military. OAL in the 9 1/4" range. Big handles. Several drawbacks. IMO in this size range the handle to blade ratio is too big.

However, the new Axis is about 8.8" OAL. Much better, excellent in fact.

Many here have critisized the BM/Emerson CGC7
with a 3 1/4" blade because of it's larger handle (about 4.5"). But, down at this end of the size spectrum I think the ratio issue is a different matter. The handle to blade ratio is big, but the handle is excellent, not undersized, and allows a secure full handled grip.

My point is I think the issue of desirable blade to handle ratios varies with
the size of the piece.
Ron Knight

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Very well put. I agree. To me a handle just needs to be big enough to be comfortable and hold the blade. On a smaller bladed knife, I would gladly exchange some pocket real estate for a comfortable grip. The Spyderco Calypso Jr. and REKAT Pioneer are good examples of mid-size blades with "large enough to be comfortable" handles.

When you get up in the AFCK/Military range, any handle that holds the blade is going to be plenty big for most hands. Then the extra length seems like overkill.

My 2 cents.

Clay Fleischer

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