BladeShow 99 Atlanta question?

Oct 27, 1998
What will be required to purchase an auto?...dealers license, CWP, LE proof...what? I can't wait to spend $$$ in June on anything that grabs my eye. Any info. would be apprciaited. Thanks.


Ideally you will need proof showing that you fall under the exemptions listed in the "Federal Switchblade Act" to purchase any autos manufatured outside of the state of Ga. To purchase from a Ga maker, however, all you need is the cash.


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Depends on the dealer. My experience tell me all you need is the dough regardless of where you are from or them.

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That is pretty much it Mike, course that is why I said "ideally". Most dealers will sell to who ever has the funds, but there are a few who will require paperwork. Most manufacturers there will as well if you plan on buying or ordering.
You will not experience any problems buying what you want to buy. The problem will be deciding what to buy
. At least that has been my experience.
As long as were on the subject I've got a question to ask also. How old do you have to be to buy knives at knife shows? Because I've been told several times by people at knife stores that I'm too young to buy.